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How To Select A Fishing Kayak

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 fishing kayak, kayak, paddle, stability, hull, single kayak, double kayak, fibreglass, wooden kayak, sea kayak, cockpit, speed, sponson, oars, fish, gear, rudder, fun, sport, water craft, hard chime, molded, water sports, wave, bow, stern 


How To Select A Fishing Kayak

By: Bill Bergfeld

If you enjoy fishing, then your ship has come in! Kayaks are the ultimate angler's dream especially if you are looking for some springtime shallow water excitement. The better fishing is of course in the warmer water...and, to catch the big ones, you must get into the shallows. There is just no better way to fish these waters than by fishing kayaks.

Viking Kayaks from Australia are icons in the kayaking world. They offer great stability in all conditions from smooth water to surf. They do not readily tip and are easy to get into and out of even in deep water. In addition to bow and stern handles, they have a grabline around the rim which makes for a ready handhold. Their seating gives a wrap-around feel but does not cover or restrain any part of the body. They are available in a variety of colors in a single or double style.

The Predator is designed for speed as well as stability. Its features include a very large forward hull for stowage, a large rear covered cargo well, and moulded handles located at each end for easy handling. The Predator's unique rudder system is easily controlled from the cockpit and retracts up inside the hull ensuring that the rudder is always in contact with the water, i.e. not popping out like tail-hung models.

The NEW Topaz is built for speed and stability. It's ribbed and flat hull section and the rolled chines, give the Topaz the ability to track fast and straight as well as softly change direction even when riding waves. These characteristics make the Topaz quite suitable for fishing even in strong wave conditions. The Topaz sports the same unique rudder system as the Predator.

The Tempo Fisherman single kayak, and the Tempo Fisherman II double kayak, answer the long awaited call for stable, roomy fishing and expedition kayaks. Both models feature comfortable moulded seats, backrest and large front and rear wells for fish and gear. These kayaks are super stable, and have been designed to be powered by an electric motor.

The NEW ProFish is the ultimate fishing kayak. Its features include large front, center, and rear cargo wells, sounder compartment, and burley bins. The full seat with pockets on the Profish makes long hours of fishing pass comfortably.

The Stingray is a single seater kayak with a see through "glass bottom". The viewing panel is made from tough UV rated clear polycarbonate making it normally unbreakable. The Stingray is great for fishing or for just paddling in interesting waters where there is plenty of marine life.

The Nemo2 Plus is a double fishing kayak which can accommodate two adults and one child. With roomy comfortable seating for all passengers, the Nemo 2 Plus features four hatches and two hatch bags. It is made from a poly ethylene material and is therefore extremely durable yet light weight. The Nemo2 Plus kayak is a 'must have' for families who want to have fun.

Heritage Kayaks represent the marriage of modern technology using sophisticated materials with timeless proven traditional design elements. Their kayaks are designed to be user friendly, good looking, and of course, safe under prudent usage. Heritage offers a wide variety of models offering high quality, by design.

Whether you're heading for backcountry shallows, a quiet stream or open water the Redfish Angler can introduce you to your future favorite fishing spots with ease. Its stable platform adds confidence to your cast and makes it easy to reach for your gear. The cockpit is spacious so it can provide room for even larger paddlers. Fisherman designed and tested recessed rod holders are located behind the seat, and the handy stern tankwell keeps track of your bait bucket or crate.

Hobie claims rights to the ultimate kayaking experience because according to the company, "their kayak's mother was a sailboat and the father was a surfboard". The entire world has heard of the Hobie Cat. Using their engineering skills plus years of experience in the world of water sports, Hobie offers several models of fishing kayaks.

The lightweight and compact Hobie Sport Fish fits into those tight spaces and easily maneuvers waves on the big water. This means you can find fish where others can't--in small ponds and up narrow channels. Comfortable for all size anglers, the movable seat and adjustable pedals fit everyone from four to six feet tall. You can carry two rods in the molded-in holders plus one in your hands, because the MirageDrive leaves them free for casting and fishing.

The Hobie Out Back kayaks also use the Mirage Drive pedal system to allow free hand fishing. With its 400-pound capacity, three hatches for in-hull storage, handy on-deck utility trays, and four molded-in rod holders, there's room for plenty of tackle. Now you're ready to get to fish that have never seen a lure before.

The Hobie Adventure Fish is a truly innovative development for the ocean-going kayak angler, or anyone else who wants to eat up the nautical miles. This boat's long, 16-foot stance and traditional kayak shape give it great sea stability and style. There's no skimping on storage, either, with a massive rear storage well, two round hatches and a big accessible hatch up front, you can take every bit of the gear needed to catch all the fish you want.

Hopefully, this brief synopsis of fishing kayaks provides enough information to encourage deeper investigation into the sport. By no means is this a complete discussion of the boats and the equipment available. The names, Hobie, Heritage, Viking, and the craft names associated with them are all property of their respected trademark owners and companies.

Bill Bergfeld uses Leadership Development to improve individual lifestyle. Successful kayaking requires the understanding of leadership basics. Learn more about kayaking from Bill Bergfeld Companies.



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