treasure hunting, england, metal detecting, hobby, beaches, holiday, gold, silver, hills, metal detector

Treasure hunting in England

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 treasure hunting, england, metal detecting, hobby, beaches, holiday, gold, silver, hills, metal detector 


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Treasure Hunting in England

by: Steve Rice

I have been interested in Metal Detecting since around 1983 when my Mum and Dad introduced me to the hobby. They had been detecting for a couple of years on beaches around the Uk only at holiday time, and it often helped get a few pounds together to help pay for the holiday spends.

On the holiday in 1983 my Mum and Dad had taken Myself and Brother on a holiday to France. Each night we'd go down the beach with 2 detectors between 4 of us and gladly pick up the days droppings. This usually went to pay for our meals and drinks later the same night. On one particular night I was getting rather bored and actually took a rest on the sand whilst the others continued detecting. Whilst sitting in the sand I started sifting with my hands and out popped a 24 carat gold necklace. I was hooked. As soon as we got back to the UK we enquired about our local club and joined straight away.

It is now over 21 years since I joined my local club and I have also been Vice Chairman and Chairman. I have made some lovely finds. These range from Celtic and Roman Coins and Brooches, Old English Silver and Gold Coind going back hundreds of years and lots of Jewellry. I will update you on some of the finds in future articles.I am also a member of the National Council of Metal Detecting and have had articles printed in the press and been on Radio.

In October 2004 I created This website has grown from strength to strength in the six months it has been on the net. It now averages in excess of 100,000 unique hits a month. It has probably the most concise directory of over 400 Metal Detecting Websites. It also has live News Feeds in relation to Treasure Hunting. Add to this the Forum and the dozens of Metal Detecting stories the site is something I am proud of. I am also in the midst of creating a Hoard Database which will have articles and pictures of Hoards found whilst Treasure Hunting.

So next time your walking in the hills of England and you see a guy walking along with a Metal Detector pop over and have achat. It might just be me. And if you'd like to have alook at some of the finds why not visit me on my website.

About The Author

Steve Rice is well known in Metal Detecting circles throughout England and the UK. He is the founder of and has written articles for magazines, online and helped with treasure hunting features on radio.




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