Articles to Sway and Influence People

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Friday, July 26, 2013

There is power in persuasion. The ability to influence people has been the hallmark of great leaders both in the past and in the present.

In a subtle way, advertisers and marketing experts have been using the power of persuasion in their marketing campaigns to influence people. Done right, it has the power to determine the success of any product.

The experts know that it is people who make choices. Once they can influence the people’s choices, their sales becomes easier.

In social conflicts, winning over the hearts and minds of people has resulted in peace or war. Human mob behavior can be influenced bit by bit through posters and other means of communication. The psychology works on the mind. War propaganda has influenced many unsuspecting victims towards armed conflicts.

However, the power to sway opinions and influence people can also be used positively. Safety posters can influence people towards safety consciousness that will result in lower accident rates and better effectiveness in businesses.

Most people are motivated by two approaches:

  • To enjoy pleasure
  • To avoid pain

Influencing people is about changing people’s belief systems. There are many ways to influence people and to sway their belief systems.

In this section, we have listed articles that could help the reader learn about the many aspects of influencing people.

I hope you will find them useful in whatever endeavor you have chosen and to apply them.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Yoon

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