The message of the greeting card is important. The front of the card acts as the hook, whether it is verbal or visual, to get you interested. The punch line is found on the inside, meant to surprise or to amuse.

The drawing at the front sets the tone for the card, to express sentimental feelings, silly or raunchy, reverent or banal. The greeting cards have similar categories like the panel cartoon:

  • Totally visual
  • Totally verbal
  • Combination of visual and verbal
  • A single panel cartoon which fit the punch line inside
  • Visual set up unrelated to the mood, but you get surprised or delighted when you open the second page.
  • Cartoon in front and without any punch line inside. The second page is meant to be written by the person sending the card.

When designing cards, focus in on the celebration event. Randomly choose a topic as when you are searching for a gag. Associate the topic with the event.

Ask yourself what type of people would like to receive a card with this associated point of view. What would make the people who receive the card laugh?