mabukmovingmc “What’s the time now?”Watch out for the cloth you are holding! It’s going to be caught by the moving motor coupling.Accidents can happen anytime. Notices like this make workers aware that things like this can happen if they are not careful.
 mabuknonslipshoe It’s not a skating rink!It can be pretty dangerous if there are sharp objects or moving machinery around when this happens.Be safe rather than sorry!
mabuknosmoking No smoking means no hot work at all!Once a combustible gas catches fire, it is going to spread very fast – so fast that it flashes.
mabukolympic Swimming with the sharks?He is training for the Olympics!
mabukoperation  Do it yourself surgery!
 mabukportrait  No other art subjects around?Make do with another subject and modify to suit.
 mabukpoweroff  Electricity can kill!Switch off before doing any electrical work!
 mabukpulltooth  “The next roll should do the trick!”Do it yourself tooth extraction in the absence of a dentist
mabukrollingcar  “The rolling movement on board a ship can provide moments of fun and amusement!”
 mabuksafetybelt  mabukseasick