robber cartoon

robber cartoon

These are the cartoons with only one frame. The drawings show the characters in a particular scene, and there are some conversational texts at the bottom of the picture.

When doing this type of cartoon, keep the gag simple. The viewer must get the joke instantly. Use good composition to lead the viewer’s eye where you want it to go and the order in which you want him to view.

rolling toy car inclinometer

This is better than an inclinometer

The characters are stereotypes. By their dressing, the viewer will be able to recognize the cartoon character’s profession. The setting is usually depicted with common symbols. Many pieces of art exhibits will mean an art gallery. Trees and path might mean a park. Coconut trees might mean tropical beaches…….

The panel cartoons may be divided into:

Silent Cartoon

No words are spoken. The picture shows the joke.

Verbal Cartoon

The picture is used only to establish the location

hammer head shark

It must have swallowed a hammer

and the character. The joke is in the words. If the words are missing, the cartoon has no meaning.

Combination Cartoon

It is a combination of words and pictures. Sometimes the words are in the picture itself. Magazines and newspapers use a lot of these cartoons. However, the cartoons are slanted towards their editorial contents.