Diamonds are a Timeless Gift

There is a timeless saying – “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” But what smart men know is that diamonds are really their best friend as they offer both a romantic gestures and the opportunity to score brownie points all in one act of chivalry. Nothing lights up a woman’s face quite like a diamond. Whether you’re shopping for a wife, a girlfriend, a mother or a daughter, a piece of diamond jewelry is always a welcome gift.

A lot of men associate diamonds only with diamond engagement rings or for a wedding ring. Diamond engagement rings are truly one of the most romantic gestures in western society – bringing up associations of true love and romantic proposals given on bended knee. And, with the truly stupendous assortment of styles and cuts available on the diamond market today, you are assured of finding that special ring for the woman you love. No matter is you purchase “off the shelf” or have a custom ring designed, your engagement ring will always be something special for your future bride.

But now, diamonds are about much more than engagement rings and wedding bands. And, their gift-giving appeal extends beyond fiancés and spouses. Now, you can surprise your mother with a special diamond brooch or children’s ring for all the wonderful things she’s done for you over the years. Or how about a pair of beautiful diamond studs for your daughter on her eighteenth birthday or for her graduation to let her know that you think of her as an adult? Diamonds can help you make any special occasion spectacular.

Another great thing about diamonds is their lasting properties, seemingly eternal in nature. Unlike a lot of gifts that will wear out or break down, and be quickly forgotten, a diamond truly is forever. And, diamonds will never go out of style, surviving fashion trend after fashion trend. Further, diamonds often become cherished family heirlooms, with diamond engagement rings being passed from mother to daughter to granddaughter, bringing the generations closer together. So instead of getting a gift that will fade from memory, why not choose a diamond that will always be a constant reminder of your love every time it is worn.

A lot of men can become very nervous when buying a girlfriend any type of diamond jewelry. They feel it speaks of a step they might not be ready for and the c word (commitment) is just too much for some men. That’s a silly assumption. If you’re not giving your girlfriend diamonds, you’re missing out on a good thing – the wonderful reaction she will give you when she opens that small little velvet box. While other guys are still at the mall searching for the perfect gift, guys who buy diamonds are home already, enjoying the gratitude of a happy girlfriend who literally has stars in her eyes.

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