A lesson to learn from film makers

By Florie Lyn Masarate

Many advertisers should be able to learn a lesson or two from George Lucas and his team. When his movies first went out in the open, they used strategies in promoting them.

Stars guest in different television show and interviews were conducted. Excerpts from the films were shown in television commercials, showing the good bits and pieces of the film. Just enough to puzzle the puzzle and made them wonder what the story is about. Reviews were made available in print in magazines and newspapers, telling not only positive but also negative points of the movie and its casts. Whoever said that bad publicity is bad should try it out and see its result.

Not only that, they even turned to merchandising. Products like cereals and toys depicting the characters in the story were made available. There were even promos from other product endorsing their own and the movie itself.

If all films, good or bad, should have the proper publicity and its publicist, there will be numbers of people running to the theaters to watch these movies. People tend to get carried away by promotions and advertisements rather easily. Not to mention the fact that they see first then judge later.

Having the right equipment in advertising is a must if endorsers want to attain more response from the people. It is a known fact that many people now have television sets in their home and many others are always glued to the screen. Having as much television exposures are essential for people to be familiar not only with the title but also with the contents of the film, enough to arouse curiosity. Media is also a good source of information not only about the film but also the production, the essence and the stars of the film.

What about others who could not find time to watch television? And those few who does not have the pleasure of having it? This is where printed materials come in. Prints can be made as good an advertiser as television. Making them available on streets and every good location can guarantee readership.

Visibility in outside places as well as inside is always a factor to consider. Most people are bound to be outside their homes doing errands, at work or just catching some sun. And they would get to see these visuals even if they want to or not. Seeing them is not a choice these people have to make because they have no choice. Upon seeing, reading follows suit, then interests are piqued, most often than not.

Being able to have the right printing resources and quality is an assurance. Getting the right people to do it is another. Costs are not a big factor anymore now that many companies are into discounts at the same time giving the best they have to offer.

What makes a good movie? It is not only George Lucas. It is marketing, in tubes and in prints, among others.

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Florie Lyn Masarate got her first article printed in the school newsletter in the third grade. Her hobbies include reading any book she can get her hands on.


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