Danger Tug

One wrong step, and you will meet with an accident. That’s the danger tug. Is the cartoon amusing? Perhaps it is, but the message to bring out is serious. Can you spot the dangers? Look for the answers at the bottom of the cartoon.

safety, marine tug boat

Danger Tug

  • The captain of the tug boat is intoxicated with alcoholic drink, perhaps whisky or brandy. How can he be alert to oncoming traffic or any fishing boats nearby, or any passing cargo ship?
  • The thick mooring ropes is another danger. If you are not careful, and the rope tightens around your leg, your leg can literarily be sheared off. Remember the mooring winch can generate a huge tensional force that will pull a huge ship.
  • The person climbing up the mast drops a hammer. The person at the bottom is not wearing any safety helmet. It’s no wonder! His tools are all strapped around his waist. He’s not even fixing his safety belt lanyard onto the mast. It will be a bad accident if he falls, especially with the boat movement.

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