boat coconut tree Fishing sail boat near the shore of Penang. Quiet and tranquil floating on the still water in the morning.
ferrydestination Penang ferry plies between Penang and Butterworth on the mainland. Using special vertical Voith Schneider propeller, it is able to move forward, backwards, and sideways without the need for rudders or tug boats.
ferryfront Penang ferry waiting push off after loading passengers as well as motor vehicles.
fishermenbeach Fishermen mending their nets and sorting out their catch on the beach in Penang.
fishingboatsonsand Fishing boats that have been dragged on the sandy shores of Penang.
fishingboatstorm Fishing boat moving across stormy seas.
hiwaterfall singaporeboatWaterfall and chinese fishing boats.
junglestream Jungle stream. Peaceful surroundings in the middle of the jungle. The stream water is crystal clear and cool.
onefishingboatbeach rapidsLone fishing boat on the shore. Rushing water along rocky stream.
parkstream A scene from a manmade park in Kuala Lumpur.
stormybeach Fishing boats that has just come back from the sea.
sunlitsailboat Sailing boat catches the full wind travels swiftly through the waters.
waterfall Waterfall in jungle surroundings gives an atmosphere of calm and peace.