playground safety Equipment in Good Condition
Make sure that all the playground equipment are in good condition. Broken, sharp corners or edges or missing pieces or guards give rise to accidents.
Fencing Against Oncoming Traffic
Make sure that fences or hedge separate the kids from traffic or parking lots. In the excitement of chasing and playing, the kids might forget to look where they are going.
vehicle near playground
Ground Cushion
Make sure that ground cushion is available for play pan area. The wood chips, gravel, or sand should be loose and at least 12″ deep.
ground cushion at playground
playground equipment Openings on Equipment
Make sure that openings on equipment where a child can trap his/her head follows the following rules:

  • To be less than 3.5″ or
  • To be more than 9″

Any size in between pose a danger of a child getting stuck.

trash at playground Trash Around Playground
Make sure that there are no trash containing broken glass, jagged metal or sharp objects lying around the vicinity of the playground area.
hooks at swings Hooks on Swings
Make sure that S-hooks on swings are squeezed closed.
splinters at see-saw Splinters on Wooden Equipment
Make sure that surfaces of wooden equipment are smooth and do not contain splinters.
swing distance apart Distances Between Swings
Make sure that swings follow the following rules:

  • ┬áNo more than 2 swings per support structure.
  • Swings should be at least 24″ apart and
  • At least 30″ from the side support.
walking surfaces not slippery Walking Surfaces
Make sure that walking surfaces and paths are free of debris.Make sure that water is drained off from surfaces. Slimy algae can make the path slippery. In winter, standing water can freeze and become slippery.