What is Graphic Design?

By Kelli Swan

Graphic Design refers to a specialized area of the Visual Arts. Generally, Graphic Design is considered to be for commercial, advertising or educational purposes. It involves the enhancing of a product, service or information by designing a pleasing visual or set of visuals.

Traditionally, Graphic Design has included both the creative preparation and execution of materials in the areas of: Logo Design, Corporate Identity, Brochure Design, Photo Retouching, Charts/Graphs/Diagrams, and other printed materials. Graphic Design can also include the preparation of 35mm Slide Presentations, Television Advertisements, Multi-Media Presentations, and other Visual Aids.

Today, the term Graphic Design also includes the rapidly expanded Web Design market. While a Graphic Designer may certainly specialize in one area, it is common to find designers with applicable knowledge is more than one discipline. A Graphic Designer may be expected to design entire websites, edit photos for both print and web use, and design printed materials which also have web applications.

Most of us are surrounded by Graphic Design work daily without even realizing it. Many of the web sites you visit involve the efforts of a Graphic Designer. Advertising Agencies employ many Graphic Designers to prepare the ads you see on television. And here are some more signs of Graphic Designers on the scene: the signage you see in front of businesses; the menu at last night’s restaurant; the morning newspaper; the brochures at the doctor’s office; all those greeting cards at the store; and yes (unfortunately!) — all that junk mail you receive.

In the past, a Graphic Designer could rely on predominately right-brain tendencies of being a “Creative” type. These days, a Graphic Designer needs to have a “balanced brain” in order to be successful. In the last two decades, knowledge of computers and increasingly powerful graphic software programs has become a requirement to accomplish the work of a Graphic Designer. One must not only be “Creative,” but also possess the “Logic” skills to pilot numerous software programs, trouble shoot computing issues, etc.

Graphic Design is a highly rewarding career. Not only does it challenge an individual mentally, it also offers the opportunity to network with a wide variety of professionals in numerous fields. Graphic Design is also a great Work At Home opportunity. Once one is established (education, contacts, etc.), a Home Office can be the perfect option. Incomes vary and are dependant on a number of factors, including: area(s) of expertise, years of experience, business contacts, etc.

About the author:
Artist and Graphic Designer Kelli Swan specializes in Pencil Drawings and Graphic Design Services. Her artwork is available throughhttp://www.pencilplace.com. Her Horse Lover Gifts and Dog Lover Gifts are at:http://www.cafepress.com/kelliswan. Kelli’s Graphic Design Services are listed athttp://www.cygnetgraphics.com and her Gift Ideas are at http://animallovergiftplace.com.


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