Articles for the Professional Engineer

Dear friend,

In this section, we feature a collection of articles that would be of interest to the professional facilities, mechanical, electrical, building engineer.

It does not matter whether the subject has a direct bearing on the work at hand or not. The field of building services are varied. Many subjects will influence how an engineer works in some way or another.

For example, even though an automobile may not be directly used in building maintenance and operation, still an engineer being an engineer will be curious to know what drives it, and how it works.

And even though there is completely no relation at all, still the machine is needed in everyday traveling. A bit of knowledge on changing oil, cooling system, braking system and so on will not do any harm. In fact it should be beneficial.

One of the characteristic of a good engineer is the willingness to learn from others. After all, the world is such a large place, and there is simply no chance for any person to experience everything in such a short span of time.

Very often, the engineer cannot ignore the business environment. This is where sometimes the analytical skill of an engineer may be lacking. Business sense have to be learned from people who has made it in the business world of commerce and marketing.

How to become effective? There are certain soft skills that an engineer may need to brush up. It’s about human relationships, spiritual renewal, physical strength, stamina and health in addition to the mental faculty. This is clearly more than an engineer’s scope. It’s about living life to the full and keeping a balanced lifestyle.

Then, how about customer service? Customers are the lifeblood of any business endeavor whether it is in engineering or science or medicine or humanities or arts. Finances, maintaining and accumulating wealth could become an important focus during the working life of an engineer because it has to do with the future retirement.

The family members and home are also important and must not be forgotten. Social skills, management skills, leadership skills and many other skills can become an asset in the career of an engineer.

The list goes on… An engineer simply cannot ignore the world around him or her.

The articles are selected because they interest me. Perhaps, they might interest you too!

Happy reading.

Thomas Yoon