Fire Brigade System

fire alarm mimic panel

fire alarm mimic panel

When a big fire has occurred in a building, the fire brigade has to be called in. It is important that the road is clear for the fire engines to come in. Therefore it is very important for the owner of the building to ensure that the gates, road, and fire brigade devices are not blocked. It is also important that these devices are maintained in good order.

Some of the fire brigade devices are discussed below:


Four-Way Breaching Inlets

A typical high-rise building will have one four-way breaching inlet for sprinkler tank, and one for the wet riser tank. They are normally installed near the ground floor or lower ground floor, where it is easy for the fire engines to come in.

These devices allow the fire brigade to pump water into the tanks in case they have been emptied during fire fighting operations.


Street Hydrants

Street pillars hydrants are provided as an external source of water besides the fire fighting tanks located in the building. The fire brigade can connect to these pillar hydrants to get additional pressurized water for fighting the building fire.


Fireman Switch

There are a few types of fireman switches. They help to prevent accidents caused by electrical leakage during a fire in a building.

When the firefighters use water hoses to shoot or spray on the fire, it is rather dangerous for them when the electrical supply is still live. There is a risk of electrocution. Water can conduct electricity. Visibility is very poor during those times, and the building structures containing electrical wiring may have collapsed.

Some of the fireman switches are discussed below:

  • Fireman switch for Elevators These switches are enclosed with breakglasses at the lift lobby of the lowest floor. The fire brigade can activate them in order to call back the lift to the lowest floor for emergency purposes.
  • Fireman switch for Neon Signboards These switches are used to interrupt the power supply to the neon signboard for shops. Neon signboards uses high voltage power supplies. The fire brigade, can activate the fireman switches in order to avoid any additional fire and also to prevent electrocution.
  • Fireman switch for Electrical Power These switches are used to cut off the electrical power supply to a whole block or floor in the building.