project management

project management

Management is about doing things efficiently. Our pages are full of technical information that can help you make decisions and guide your subordinates. However, leadership is very important in any field. It is doing things effectively. In this section, we try to present some useful information on leadership.


Expectations from Followers

You may have the position. You may be appointed to do a certain job. This does not count very much. The real power comes from the ability to get people to follow you willingly. Studies have shown that followers expect leaders who are:

  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Competent
  • Forward looking
  • Inspiring
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Our Blog and Tech Marketing Ezine will help to make you competent in your technical knowledge. They might even help you conjure up a vision, dream and objectives that will take you some place, thus encouraging your forward looking image. But you will have to work at being honest, and inspiring. This needs some work on your own outlook and behavior.


The Four Aspects of your Life

To help you with this, we would suggest that you keep on improving each day at a time on the following areas of your life:

  • Mental
  • Spiritual
  • Social
  • Physical

They will certainly help you to take control of yourself and your destiny, and also let you get along well with others.


A Good Leader

Below are some suggestions to become a good leader:

  • Be responsible for the welfare of the whole group.
  • Be available to all people regardless of position.
  • Be always vigilant. Make use of your competency to give good judgement.
  • Encourage your subordinates to grow and become better.
  • Don’t neglect details.
  • Dare to try different things or methods. Don’t wait until everything is in place.
  • Recognize your best people. Get people who are intelligent, loyal, honest, have good judgment, energy drive, balanced ego. Reward those whose work achieves your group’s objectives in a big way.
  • Be flexible in the execution of your core values. Suit the situation.
  • Be enthusiastic and positive.
  • Simplify things. It will clarify your purpose and make your directives easily understood.
  • Lead a balanced life. Don’t forget the four areas of your life.

Before you are able to lead people, you must examine yourself. Determine your core values and let that be your guiding principle when you lead people.

The 3 Pillars of Leadership