steaming, manhole, boiler inspection, boiler water, chemical treatment, steel structures, accidents, safety hazard, steam

Steaming manhole

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 steaming, manhole, boiler inspection, boiler water, chemical treatment, steel structures, accidents, safety hazard, steam

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Steaming Manhole

By: Thomas Yoon

Boiler inspections are necessary in order to find out the effectiveness of the boiler water chemical treatment. It is also useful to detect any faults or potential weakness in the steel structures, plates and shells so that accidents can be avoided.

However, even entering the boiler for inspection can be a safety hazard if you are not careful!

Firstly, the heat, and the remaining steam. It is better to cool the boiler sufficiently before entry. However, sometimes, inspections have to be done in a hurry. Perhaps there is a schedule to be followed, or the steam supply cannot be stopped for a long time. Or perhaps it is very important to find out the condition of the boiler as soon as possible.

Let's say the boiler is still warm. There isn't sufficient time to cool it. The thick insulation materials wrapped around the boiler do their function well - containing the heat. And you are given the task to open up the manholes for inspection.

If there is a manhole at the top of the boiler and one at the bottom, which one would you open first?

Think about it! Hot air rises. Heat travels in convection currents. If you were to open the bottom manhole first and the top manhole later, you will create a channel for the flow of hot air. Hot air from the remaining steam will rise up very quickly and overwhelm you if you are at the top manhole.

So always, open the top manhole first, followed by the bottom manhole. When the hot convectional current flow, you will be at the bottom and not be harmed.

Think safety!

Until next time...

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