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Dear Seafarer / Visitor,

As seafarers or people who love the sea, you are someone special. Embarking on long journeys over the seven seas can be a very enriching experience for many of you.

But let's be practical. It's not a bed of roses too. It can mean giving up the comforts of home and the family, and missing out on job and career opportunities and other sources of income. 

On the other hand, it might offer opportunities for meeting up with a someone special in a distant land, perhaps an encounter that could blossom into intimacy with strong emotions......It's so exciting for those who prepare for it!

You might want to keep the memories alive. Exotic souvenirs remind us of our adventures in a distant land. But sometimes, you simply don't have sufficient time for shopping. Missed opportunities!

You will certainly encounter extremely cold weather conditions in the winter. You might want to buy some warm clothing. What about tools? Remember how you wished you had brought tools along with you the last time you joined ship? You want to be prepared, don't you?

Maybe, you are thinking about your children or grandchildren. What could you give them for their birthdays? Or your spouse at home. Is there anything you want to buy for her, that you are unable to do so while you are working? How about your other relatives? Don't you want to give something to them too? Choose a Navy Product.

Now, we have made it easy for you. We have carefully selected goods or services that you need. Do feel free to browse through our store and make your selection. Enjoy your life at sea.

Happy Shopping!

Thomas Yoon

Going Ashore

Going ashore is a Happy Time for Everybody! With the rigors of the sea voyage all but forgotten, Let's Enjoy and be Jolly!

  •  "Why be Lonely?"  "Find the Soul Mate of Your Dreams while You have the Time!" Surely you would want to share your success with your love? Our matchmaking service checks for compatibility using State-of-the-Art Tools resulting in a Highly SUCCESSFUL MATCH.  It's not just any ordinary match making service. The materials of  eHarmony  have been Proven to Work because of the guidance of Dr. Neil Clark Warren, whose 30 years of clinical experience and study of mate selection has formed the foundation for his approach to matching singles.

  •  "Date the Girl of your Dream!"  Why do some people get the best dates? Now you don't have to leave it to chance. Dating Direct, UK's largest Dating Service has over 875,000 members to make sure that you can find the ideal partner.

  •  "Trim those Fat Away!"  Is your body like a Supertanker? Yes, supertankers are those people who are bulging at the waist. Do something about it at trimlife. Your will enjoy life better.

  •  "Pamper Yourself with Aromatherapy!"  Once in a while, You Need to Spice Up Your Life from the daily stress of work.
  • Aromatherapy from Kalyx, uses Bath Salts, Special Herbs, Foods, Supplements, to tone up the Body.

  •  "Strengthen Your Body Resistance!"  Outbreaks of numerous mysterious diseases like SARS, Bird Flu, and many others throughout the world is alarming. We don't have defenses against airborne diseases except through our own body resistances. Boost up Your Body Resistance through evitamins.

  •  "Make your First Impression your very BEST!"  "Compliment your style with a tie to match." Enhance Your Image without spending a bomb.110% Price Guarantee for shopping with us.  Dress up for the Kill! Your date will surely enjoy being noticed with the Best Dressed Man at the joint. Really amusing to realize that you obtained them at Low, Low Prices at Wild Ties.

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Career, Jobs, Employment

Your Career is One of the Most Important Activities in Your Life! So much of your time is spent at work. A Successful Career demands Careful Planning and Preparation. Have you given careful thought to it? Do you know what you will do in 10 years time? Or do you let the waves toss you wherever it wills? You can steer your own destiny!

  •  "Love Your Work!"  "Write the Best Resume and find the Best Jobs." Good resumes secure the most benefits. Drive your own successful career. Gain Amazing OPPORTUNITIES!   It's your First Step to a Well-Paying Job at Resume Edge.

  •  "Gain CONFIDENCE and ACHIEVE your life's DREAMS!"  Brian Tracy guides you through 21 Powerful Success Tips.  FREE CDs!

  •  "Achieve Financial Freedom with just a Dollar a Day!"  Well-known, Successful Author and Entrepreneur, Robert G. Allen, reveals information that will make you a millionaire. Learn the 10 methods for Generating Over $100,000 a Year, on a part-time basis, working from your home, using little or none of your own money. One Minute Millionaire

  •  "Break FREE From the Job YOU Dislike!"  Free e-book shows you how to be successful in your career ashore. Are you hanging on to a dead-end job?  Success Requires Change. Sign Off E-book
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Selected merchandize and services that you need. Do visit our store and make your selection

  •  Make "hard-to-find" Tools "easy-to-find"  "You can only Produce YOUR BEST with THE BEST!" Earn praises for a job well done, only with the PROPER TOOLS!  Locate Hard-to-Find Tools for your garage and workshop. Good for Cars, Trucks, Cycles, Boats, and Planes. Get them at Eastwood

  •  "INSPIRE and MOTIVATE Your Staffs for GREATER SUCCESS!" "Recognize Your People's Achievements and They will Produce their BEST EFFORTS for You!" Awards show people that you really appreciate their efforts. Never Compromise on Quality! Get them at Successories.

  •  "Are you Paying too Much for your Water Heating?"  Tankless Water Heaters and Space Heaters for Natural Gas and Propane installations is your Answer! Guaranteed Lowest Price and Highest Quality. Largest selection in the USA. No problem with Spare parts at Tankless. SAVE MONEY with More Efficient Heaters.

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How are you preparing for your Career? Is it going to be seafaring for the rest of your life? Surely, you would want to work on shore some day! We have found some courses and programs that might suit you.

  •  "LEARN LANGUAGES EASILY!"  Amazing method produces results fast. Find it here, the trusted name in language courses.

  •  "Concise, Simplified and Relevant Information for Marine Engineers!" Not to be Missed! Surefire strategies for passing your Competency Exams! Your quickest solution to Career Success at Sea! Get the Promotion You Deserve. General Engineering Knowledge Notes.

  •     Motor Engineering Knowledge Notes.    Naval Architecture Questions & Answers.

  •  "Measure, Improve and Promote Your Career Skills!  The Opportunity to earn certifications in over 425 of today's leading skills is now here! Brainbench makes it easy to measure and develop your skills. Get certified and reach your career goals with Job Role Certifications. Compare Your Skills to those of Your Peers. For Business, boost your training ROI, improve your hiring success, and optimize performances.

  • "Read Profit generating materials ANYWHERE!"  Best Books on any Subject available. Stimulate your ideas even while you relax. MAKE YOUR LEARNING FUN! Discover new, fun reading magic. Discover values from Books at Books a Million and get the best benefits and values for your money. Invest in yourself and DEVELOP HEALTHY INTERESTS.
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"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." Recreation adds spice to your life. Take part in healthy activities and you will find that life has so much to offer. Develop your mental, physical, social, and spiritual faculties and you will become so much more effective in life.

  •  "Have FUN with Watersports!"  Discover the Great Outdoor Adventures. Try the inflatable kayaking at Sea Eagle and ENJOY YOUR LIFE!" Easy to store, easy to carry. Easy to set up. No hassle.

  •  "WASTE NOT your PRECIOUS TIME!" Catch up on your reading anywhere with the Largest Magazine Subscriber on the Internet. Especially practical for recreation, marketing and profit! Magazine City.

  •  "LUCK favors the READY!"  Why are some people so lucky? Are you willing to TAKE A CHANCE to win a fortune? You choose the game you want at Bet Fair. Have some fun while trying out your Luck. "Who knows, You might win a Fortune!"

  •  "Get Fast, Reliable ISP Services at HALF PRICE!"  If you have been using AOL, Earthlink or MSN, would you consider saving more than half the price? Juno Platinum, the leader in value priced ISP market offers High-quality Internet Access that fits both your needs and your budget. Takes only 2 minutes to download. Faster page loads and no banner ads at Juno Platinum.

  •  "Become the Center of Fun Attraction!"  Get the best selection of fun boxer shorts and underwear on the Internet. Over 400 fun styles available for men, women, and children. Free shipping to U.S. locations with any $65 purchase. Ideal and unique gift for many occasions at Webundies.

  •  "Tap the Traditional Effective Information Source!"  Magazines contains more information for you. Use them to as your tools! "Obtain QUALITY INFORMATION through these time-tested media!" Magazines of America
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It's quite a bewildering experience selecting presents for family members, don't you think so? While your thoughts might be on them, oftentimes, you become undecided on what gifts you could get for them. You want to select the best products you can find for them. You might also want to settle down to a better location.

  •  "Get LOCATIONS of all HOUSES available" Get NEW LEADS for real estate deals or relocation needs. Profit from the information available. Find the information at Foreclosure

  •  "Delight your Grandchildren with Novelty Songs!"  Watch them clap their hands with joy as they hear their own names being sung. Custom recordings brings them the Magical Repertoire of Children Songs.

  •  "Equip your Children for Campus Life!"  Scholarships, College Textbooks and Gears at Bargain Prices! The best place to prepare your children for college is at ecampus. Scholarships, College Textbooks and Gears.

  •  "Teach your Children the Wonders of the Animal World!"  Let them discover the joy of reading through Zoobooks. Children have a natural attraction towards animals. It's a great gift for the young ones.

  •  "Blast Off with SOVIET TREASURES!"  Authentic Aeronautical and Nautical Treasures and Military Gear will thrill the most discerning teenagers and young adults. Soviet Surplus, New and Fun.Sovietski

  •  "Quit Smoking Before it is Too Late!"  It's a well known fact - SMOKING CAUSES CANCER, and many other ailments. Many people do not have the will power to quit. Help is now here.
  • Weight Loss Program too.
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Everybody wants to make some money! I am sure you do too. We have selected some excellent products that will save you money and make you more productive. That's a real saving!

  •  "Let Your Affliliates Sell for You!"  The Best Marketing Methods uses the Efforts of Multiple Salespersons. If you have a fantastic product, why not get more people to help you sell? Give them some commissions, and they will go all out to market your products for you. Set up your own affiliate center at KowaBunga.

  •  "Save up to 80% on Printer Supplies"  Canon, Epson, HP, Xerox, Lexmark and others. 90-day risk-free Guarantee. 1-year product quality
    Guarantee. Buy direct. No middleman. 123 Inkjets.

  •  "Sell Well!"  Get the best prices, the most Popular Auction Site. Buy and Sell at bargain prices and DISCOVER YOUR MONEY POT! Turn your junk into MONEY. Sell them to people who wants them.

  •  "Gain MORE Time and Get MORE Profits!"   Proven Time Management System sharpens your Focus! Direct your efforts to things that really matter. Watch your Career Grow and your Income Soar. Learn Tips about Time Management from Franklin Covey.

  •  "Save Your Efforts!"  Buy at half price. Get half price discounts and more. Generate more profits.

  •  "Show the World YOUR Talents, Products, Services!"  You could be sitting on a GOLDMINE waiting to be tapped! Any information that is
    useful can be sold.
    Custom-made e-books that can sell for you.
    Quality Banners and e-book covers too. No Hassle, no fuss.
    Watch Your Sales Grow! E-book Maker.

  •  "Protect your business assets!"  Superior information will win over your competition anytime! Do you find yourself looking for alternative ways to store your digital information? Have you run short of space in your facility? Unlimited Storage Now Available! Check it out at Streamload

  •  "Access to Your Computer from Across the World"  You'll never have to go back just to get a file from your PC! Stop Worrying and Sleep Soundly. Your office or home computer can be accessed from the Internet anywhere in the world. All you have to do is to leave the computer on and connected to the Internet. Uses 128-bit end-to-end encryption plus multiple password for maximum security.
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Your job requires you to travel extensively. Sometimes, you may have to travel from State to State or out of the country. Here are some products that will make life easier for you:

  •   "Travel Confidently in all Kinds of Conditions!"  The weakest link in your travel plans could be your luggage bags! You will experience stress-free travelling when you know that all your personal belongings are kept at the best luggage available at ebags. The outcome of your traveling experience may depend on your choice of bags - Choose Them Carefully!

  •   "Experience Exciting and New Vigor through Walking!"  Walking is the easiest and best form of exercise for people of all ages. Choose quality footwear for comfort and performance. Branded names like Ecco, New Balance, Birkenstock, Cole Haan, and Merrel are easily available. You see more when you travel on foot!

  •   "Enjoy Comfort in Any Extreme Weather Conditions!"  Is extreme weather conditions making life miserable for you? Now, you can enjoy outdoor activities in any kind of weather conditions - HOT OR COLD! Thermal Underwear from Wickers uses the most advanced electrostatic fabrics to give comfort in both warm and cold weathers. Don't let the weather control you!

  •  "Send out YOUR Products Securely!"  Proven and secured boxes make moving EASY and SAFE. Excellent for Moving House, and Changing Locations or Product Shipment. Your Customers will be Extremely Pleased with Your Packing. Moveout.
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