Places visited by seafarers

“Join the navy and see the World”. Every seaman will see a part of the world. If he joins a foreign-going ship he will see more of Asia, Africa, America, Europe, Far East, Australia continents and travel the Pacific, Atlantic, Mediterranean, Baltic, Indian oceans from the northern hemisphere to the southern. Some of the interesting places are only accessible by sea, and some are out of the way from the normal tourist routes. Some places are out of bounds to normal visitors.

Some places are even dangerous if you are unarmed.

But for a seaman traveling on a ship, traveling is a part of life. If the ship takes on cargo like ammunition, he will go to high security areas. Political ideologies are not a barrier when cargo has to be loaded.

Places like the Suez Canal, Panama Canal are only used by ships. Normal tourist will not visit these places. The seaman also has the advantage of having a home base while in another country. He does not have to spend a lot on lodging, as he is staying on board ship; he does not have to spend on food if he does not want to, as the ship provides the food. The passage is free.

The foreign-going seamen will meet with many others like him, but from different parts of the world. All face the same challenges. The sea is neutral. View it from the eyes of another Marine Engineer at another part of the world at Martin’s Marine Engineering Page.

A part of life for a seaman is signing on and signing off. A tour of duty on board ship can last from 6 months to 9 months. Sometimes it can drag longer. Especially during signing off, he has to find boxes to carry his personal effects to bring home.