sea sick mabuk cartoon cadet engineerCadet Mabuk has to learn to take care of himself well. Safety is an important part of his industrial training. The years of safety training that a Marine Engineer undergoes is not easy to describe in one page.

In this cartoon section, Cadet Mabuk helps to make it easier for the visitor to visualize the dangers on board ship. Safety is no joking matter. But you can laugh at Mabuk because he is a cartoon figure and enjoy his antics. Hopefully, you can avoid hurting yourself when you remember Cadet Mabuk.

In the beginning, when the seas get rough, this happens to Cadet Mabuk!

Too much reading of magazines makes him dizzy and marine poster are useful for getting the message across.

 chief engineer kuntut cartoonThis is Chief Kuntut. He is Mabuk’s Chief Engineer and boss.

He is a real Romeo. He knows how to use perfumes to attract his many admirers.

 cadet mabuk doing housekeeping to prevent tripping and fire hazardRemember the fire triangle?

The only way a fire can start is when there are combustibles, heat and oxygen.

With good housekeeping, we are eliminating the amount of combustible that can spread a fire.

But that is not the only thing. Good housekeeping makes it less possible for persons to trip over something.

 cadet engineer mabuk before entering a confined space which is a safety hazardThe tanks on board ship can contain fuel oil, lubricating oil, fresh water, seawater, or even void space.

All of these can give rise to lack of oxygen, poisonous gases, flammable gases.

A person who wants to enter a tank (enclosed space) need to take the necessary safety precautions.

 switch off the power before working on electrical circuitsWhen ever there is a repair to be done on electrical equipment, it is better to switch off the power to prevent electrical shock.
 bend the legs not your back when lifting heavy objectsProper lifting techniques need to be used when lifting objects.

Use the leg muscles to take the strain.

Keep the object as near to the body as possible.

Keep the body fit

 secure all loose objects especially when expecting heavy weatherIn heavy weather, gas cylinders containing acetylene and oxygen can become dangerous objects.

These cylinders are kept under high pressures.

If the valve assembly connections are broken, the gas will shoot out at a very high velocity. The cylinder may behave like a rocket.

 safety - wear goggles to protect the eyes from flying debrisrepair all defective tools
 be careful when working near moving machinesPersons wiping moving machinery with cloth need to be very careful not to get the latter caught in the mechanism.
 wear non slip safety shoes when working in the engine roomThe floor of the engine room are usually quite oily, especially during the servicing of main engine crankcase.

Good quality non-slip safety shoes are necessary especially when the ship is experiencing rough seas and heavy movements.

 no hotwork. apply permit to work first and take all the safety precautionsNo Smoking signboards are usually put up on the deck of oil tankers.
 no welding or live electrical work when working in wet areasElectrical shock has been reported when electrical arc welders work in wet areas.

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