Our reader, Gary Powell, shared an Old Navy Trick that will help Mabuk out. He can be contacted at


Thank you, Gary!

string wrapped around the leaking pipeFirst, Mabuk took a roll of okra cord or small nylon cord.

Starting about 6″ outside the leaking area he starts to wrap the cord around the pipe. He kept the cord taut and kept the wraps as close together as he can.

completed string wrapped around the leaking pipeAfter this first layer, he wraps more cords over it, and continued until the leak started to slow down. In between the layers of cord, he smeared silicone caulk to seal the drips and small leaks. Mabuk was very patient with this job and it took quite a bit of time.

This was how it looked like when it was finished.

Easy isn’t it?

mabuk wrapping the strings around the leaking pipeThis is what Gary said,

“It is more fun when trapped in a tight compartment with water blowing out of the cracked leaking pipe with 60-degree water blowing out in your face.”

“When the leak is stopped or slowed down, get your butt into the nearest shipyard and get the pipe changed out!”

Very good advice indeed for Mabuk! But Mabuk is having a good time.

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