By: Thomas Yoon

Evaporator coils of air conditioning systems are sometimes called cooling coils. But cooling coils are also used in air-handling units. These contain chilled water. These are completely different from those used in direct expansion air cond units.

So cooling coils is not an accurate word to use in small air cond units. Evaporator coils should be used instead. Evaporator tubes must contain refrigerant liquid that can evaporate to become gas.

In an air conditioning system, when the liquid refrigerant absorbs heat, it turns to gas. The heat is thus transferred to the refrigerant. That’s how the heat is moved from one location to another location.

The evaporator coils are located in the low-pressure system of a refrigeration circuit.

A word of caution!

If you run the evaporator blower without running the air cond system, sometimes you might get a burst tube in the evaporator.

Why? The heat from the blower air, evaporating the refrigerant in the evaporator tubes, and with no where to go (remember the air cond compressor is not running), will cause high pressures in the tubes.

So be careful that you do not run the blower while the air cond system is not running.

Until next timeā€¦