If you have invented a new product or technology that is truly revolutionary, then you probably want to patent your invention in order to produce and sell it to make money. However, there are many things involved in the patent process and information you should know before you begin.

First of all, when beginning the patent process you should contact an attorney to guide you through the long and expensive process. If you do not consult an attorney you might risk your ownership rights of your invention because you are unaware of certain rules and regulations that apply to the patent procedure. So you know, a patent is a legally binding document so it must follow all rules and regulations of the application process and must be executed properly.

In addition to this, your patent petition must be for a product that is new and unlike anything that has been invented before. The product must have a purpose that many will find useful and will bring a return on your investment. The product must also have been invented by you through ingenuity. Keep in mind that patents are reserved for technology and products. If you have created music, books, works of art, symbols, words or other items you will need to have them protected with copyrights or trademarks, depending on the invention.

Once you know a patent is what you need to protect your invention you will need to apply for the patent through a long application. This requires demonstrating significant knowledge of your invention and answering many questions. Then, once you file your patent petition you will have to wait a while for the patent committee to go over all other patents in order to ensure you are applying for a new and useful invention. Then, when your patent petition is approved you will have the sole rights to produce your invention to sell to the public for 20 years, which is the normal life of a patent.

Although, before you are approved for a patent for your product or technology make sure you do not share this information, sell or demonstrate it to the public because you will be giving up your right to apply for a patent. So, if you have new technology or products make sure you do not share the information with anyone in order to protect yourself and your invention.

Then, when you have your patent you will be able to start production. However, try to include the patent number on your products in order to reduce the risk of someone infringing on your patent.

Finally, make sure you include a lawyer in your patent application process in order to ensure that all goes smoothly and as quickly as possible. It will cost more money up front, but will likely save you money in the long run.

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