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A passenger liner conjures up images of grandeur and luxury. Many of us who have been working on cargo ships often wonders what it will be like to work on such an exciting floating hotel. Well, it will certainly prove to be exciting, meeting all sorts of people, visiting beautiful places, watching the girls go by … This issue brings us vivid descriptions of the enchanting Caribbean Cruise.

Next, you will find an informative article on college degrees and online degrees, something I feel would interest any of you who wants to get additional qualifications that will spur you on to greater career success. I look at it this way – people need to constantly adapt to the rapidly changing job market requirements. Very often we find that the skills that are in demand 10 years back could become redundant now. Newer skills are often needed. It’s wise to keep up with the times, including seeking self-employment too, instead of always working for people. I intend to explore more about this in the coming Marine Treasure Chest, perhaps giving you, some tips to help you along.

I have also included an article on clarity of vision for business that my guest author experienced during an experiential management camp in the wilderness of the Canadian Rockies. I feel that the lessons learnt can be applied to our own personal lives. With clear visions, we can certainly plan, do, check and act to succeed in anything we set out to do. Do you have a vision for yourself? If you have, good for you!

If not, do stick with me, and together we will make things happen …

Keep smilin’:-)