Hi, how are you today? 🙂

I stay in the tropics, blessed with sunny skies and plentiful rain throughout the year. It’s always summertime. I get to move about rather freely all the time. The weather is warm and humid over here. Not that I am complaining – I don’t have to keep myself warm by the fireplace – but sometimes it can get a bit uncomfortable.

Uncomfortable because of mosquitoes. I don’t know about you, but I get pretty annoyed when those pesky blood-sucking insects aka mosquitoes start their feeding frenzy – on me.

For travelers like you, traveling in the tropics is certainly a worthwhile experience. A few tips on how to avoid mosquitoes might be interesting to you. So, I have include an article on this just for you.

Next, an article on workplace productivity with a slight twist. Based on some common sense approaches, the author also injects in some of his metaphysical ideas. I leave it to you to draw conclusions, or to take it with a pinch of salt …

Further down, I have an article on motivating your employees. Very useful information for the aspiring leader. Personally, I feel it’s the leader who is responsible when employees are not performing to expectations. Do you agree?

Have fun and enjoy the blooper advertisements at my “Lighter Side” section.

Keep smilin’ 🙂