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If you travel a lot, it does make sense to buy travel insurance. But here again, it pays to know the inside workings of travel insurance. You might land a bargain but you may also get stuck on a dud. You don’t want to lose money do you?

That’s what our second article, Small Business Disaster Preparedness talks about too. Imagine if you have spent your whole life building a business, and then suddenly disaster strikes. Your whole business may be wiped out. Let’s be frank. Being successful in business also means not losing as much as you gain. Makes sense doesn’t it? But I would also like to add – if you have the knowhow, it becomes easier to recover from any disaster.

Sometimes, the knowhow seems like a lot of money, but it should be considered an investment because it does pays back later. In finance circles, it’s call ROI or Returns on Investments. I can still remember how I started out on the internet business. I did spend some money, but I did learn enough to recover back my costs and I have not looked back ever since.

Our next article may be an eye opener for some of us. Sometimes when we rise up the corporate ladder, we think that we did it through our own skill and knowledge. But this should not make us too proud because …

Hey, by the way, have you started to generate some wealth for yourself using the internet? If you haven’t then when are you going to do that? Still, whatever you do, have fun and enjoy. It’s a sure way to become successful. Check out the “Lighter Side” section and keep smilin’ 🙂

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