Then in May 2015, I happened to come across some videos about creating mini cnc machines using floppy disk drives.

I was hooked. Many hours were spent learning about this. Almost everything was new to me. But I did plunged into this new field with much enthusiasm.

My first few experimental attempts made me learn about input/output, centronics port, parallel port, Linux operating system, stepper motors, stepper motor drivers, breakout board, and LinuxCNC before I could hook up something workable. In the process, I did make some mistakes which fortunately, could be overcome as I went along.

Once the floppy disk stepper motor prototype could be controlled, I started to look around for something bigger. I found many usable parts from junk yards and had to design according to what I have available.

My second attempt finally developed into a usable moving bed cnc machine design.

During this journey of discovery, I had enjoyed finding out and implementing the creation of a precision machine, using it to create beautiful works of Art and experimenting to improve on the quality as well as efficiency of the process.  Along the way, I had also been improvising and adapting technologies which were very often not part of my professional training.

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