Dear Friend,yshiraitohalf

God is communicating with us in every situation of our lives! Persons have been touched by God whenever they allow God to enter their lives.

And yet, our human nature prefers not to listen to God’s Word! Countless excuses are given – no time, too difficult, boring…

We, at Cartoon, want to help people find answers to life. We believe there is no better way than to let God speak to us directly, through His own self-chosen way of communication – The Bible.

Our Products

Our first illustrated e-book on the Book of Proverbs is meant to take some of the boredom and difficulty from Bible reading. We hope that by using strong visuals we can capture some interest in the readers and lead them to further explore the bible on their own after that first encounter.

We also hope that children (as well as adults) would find the cartoon characters amusing and meaningful – and remember the teachings.

We had considerable experience in producing useful e-books. Our previous e-books were designed for the serious professional marine engineers. That’s because my profession took me all over the world and producing these e-books was my calling.

For those interested, our associate company, Marine Engineer World contains useful information about the marine world and Engineering is about mechanical and electrical engineering.

Life is a learning process. In our younger days, we often had to probe about and learn by a process of trial and error. It takes a long time for a person to be proficient using this method.

The wisdom of the ancients are freely available in the pages of the bible – if only people look for it. Our e-book does not add anything to it. It just helps people imagine real life situations through pictures.


Below are some background information about me and the services I provide:

  • I was trained as a Licensed Marine Engineer for Foreign-Going ships plying International waters. I have worked on many different types of ships that includes oil tankers (crude oil, vegetable oil, and chemicals), bulk carriers, containerships, and general cargo ships.
  • I have been facilitating “Becoming Disciples through Bible Study” programs for the past 6 years. More information on the program can be found at
  • God has given me many talents. Amongst them are writing, drawing, cartooning, fine art, music and many others. I want to make full use of these talents for the glory of God in my own limited way. I see the internet as especially useful in this modern world, and I have picked up web design, e-books making, and many other related subjects with God leading the way.
  • I am a Roman Catholic convert based in Butterworth, Malaysia.

Our Charter

My aim is to help people by way of information, and resources. I want to be a good instrument of God by using his given talents for building up His Kingdom, thus fulfilling His plan for me.

Our Plea

I need sponsors in order to run my mission well. So help me achieve my aim by buying the e-books I produce, and the products at our Shopping Mall. You can also advertise with us or let us design e-books, e-book covers, and banners for you. We can also design websites for you, including registering domain names and getting it hosted by fast and reliable hosting companies. If you need cartoon illustrations for getting through messages effectively, we can also do that for you.


Thomas Yoon


Publisher, Cartoon