Musical Show

According to Carman

In order to increase the funding to a large institution for the intellectually challenged the Director employed a music teacher to train the residents to present a musical show for the Governor who had accepted an invitation to view the facilities at the institution.

The teacher had a lot of difficulty in finding the right approach but eventually fell upon a novel drumming solution.

She was able to get all of the resident to hold an apple in one hand and tap it with the other hand in time to a beat. After many practice sessions the sound produced was remarkable. Timely, perfectly syncopated as required and with a combination of different apple varieties and the specially prepared uniforms the assembled choir was colorful, coordinated and visually stunning.

On the big night the performance was extraordinary and it brought a tear to some eyes.

The Governor was suitably impressed and the desired effect was had, because he made a commitment to provide significantly increased funding to the institution.

He was so impressed that he also indicated that he would make additional funds available for the the choir to go on a fund raising tour. He asked the Director if they had a name for the choir which was catchy and promotable.

The Director said yes, the name was

(are you ready?)

(this is bad)

The Moron Tap an Apple Choir.

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