How do you search for ideas for gags? Do gags just appear out of the blues in a flash? Some people do have flashes of inspiration, but many have to work at it.

Always carry a notebook and pencil ready for that sudden flash of inspiration, or for recording a funny incident while you are doing something else. You may see a humorous incident while at the supermarket, or while traveling in a bus, or while at the golf course. Ideas do come unexpectedly. Record any ideas which come your way.

Another way to get inspiration is to do word association. This is an activity which you can do to get ideas at will. When you do word association, expect to get ideas. To open up the flow of ideas, it helps to be in a relaxed frame of mind.

If there is stress around, it sometimes helps to take a stroll in the park, take a hot shower, do some light exercise, listen to soothing music, go to a quiet place and enjoy peaceful surroundings. Meditations and prayer are excellent help for relaxing the mind.

To do word association, you simply have to make a list of words as we have shown below. You can make your own list if you want.

Example of a word list: statues, medal ribbons, marriage guidance, jail visits, slot machine, ruins, knitting, axe, arabs, subway, submarine, salt mines, butcher, bird cage, shipwreck, fairies, robin hood, toys, gold, sailors, breakfast table, eye test, party, rocking chair, etc……

Go through each word in the word list one by one. At each word, think about a funny situation related to the word. Do not spend so much time on each word. If there is no funny situations, go to the next word, then go to the next word, and so on.

A lot of the ideas will come from your own experience, or from some ideas you have seen before. More of this will be dealt with in another section.