Step 1: Instructions for Downloading E-books

By Thomas Yoon

Some of us may encounter difficulty in downloading an e-book for various reasons. Sometimes, it may be due to the settings inherent in your own personal computer, use of speed downloading software, browsers, etc …

Anyway, to help you out if you cannot do it one way, here’s another way …

Normally, when you have decided to download an e-book, you will be required to fill up a form for your Name and your Email and to submit.

Almost immediately after you pressed submit, you will get a message asking you to open your email to confirm that you have submitted your application. This is to ensure that you really want to download the e-book.

After you have received and opened your email, and clicked on the link, you will see a download page from my website, one sample of which is shown below:


There is some instructions on that page itself. If however, you are unsuccessful in using the left click method with your mouse, then use the right click method. By using the right click on the image with your mouse, you will find the popup box as below:


Next, use you left click on the mouse to select, “Open Link in New Window”. In this case, it is at the top of the box and marked inside the red box.

Once you have clicked on that link, you will find a popup box requesting you to save. It’s shown below:


Left click on the “Save” button, and you will open up another popup box shown below:


The box will request you to download an .exe file to wherever location you want in your computer hard disk. Just do the necessary selection and click “Save”.

That’s it. I hope you will find success in downloading the e-books.

Best regards,




Thomas Yoon


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