The Written Word

Writing is something that most people either like to do, or really don’t like to do. Writing in itself, is a simple pursuit. Writing just means putting words together on a piece of paper, or more likely on a computer, doesn’t it? Stringing words together to make sentences. How hard can writing be? For some people it is hard. Words don’t flow and some people don’t like the writing process, with is usually a solo pursuit.

For others, writing is a creative outlet, and something that is thoroughly enjoyed. Writing gives people a chance to get their feelings down on paper. It can be cathartic. Writing can help people deal with troubles. Journaling is a form of writing that is now a part of the technological age we live in and is called blogging. Many people make careers from writing. Journalists write the news. Advertising copywriters are busy writing ad copy. Publishers employ novelists and they make their living writing books. The number of books and the styles of writing are many and diverse. There is commercial writing, which often takes flack from more serious or literary writing. The people who write popular fiction do commercial writing. Writing can make a lot of money for people who have talent and who also like most occupations, get lucky breaks.

For others, writing presents a real problem. But there is hope on the horizon for those prepared to practice. It’s a bit like exercise, the more you persevere, the easier it becomes. With physical exercise your body becomes stronger; with writing you develop your brain cells.

Writing is necessary in so many ways, from conducting day-to-day business to corresponding with loved one. From the time children are little, they are fascinated with reading and writing. The school system should foster a love of writing with kids, but it should also be done at home.

It would be impossible to get though the school system without mastering writing language. From the first grade onwards, kids are required to write exams, write projects, and write letters and much more. Writing is something that people need to do in order to communicate.

Due to the popularity of computer technology, it has become common practice to use word processing as a way of recording the written word. Children must learn how to use computers and word processing, in particular, from a young age as it is an essential part of modern life.

Nowadays, writing email is one of the most popular ways to communicate. Writing email letters is often quite different from writing snail mail letter. Email is often less professional, less attention is paid to structure and punctuation. Writing email has meant learning a new language where abbreviations abound.

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