The Power Of Subconscious Marketing

By Larry Dotson

When you persuade your prospect’s subconscious mind to do something, their conscious mind will usually follow. This is true even if the conscious mind disagrees with the subconscious.

For example, your prospect may make a conscious choice not to buy your book on getting over shyness until his subconscious mind suddenly imagines himself meeting and talking to the girl of his dreams with confidence and with- out being shy.

We’ve all experienced that same buying pattern thousands of times. Your subconscious mind changed your conscious mind’s decision not to buy. How many times have you bought something that logically you knew you could not afford, but subconsciously you imagined the pleasure and positive emotions you would receive as a result of buying?

The subconscious mind can be persuaded by many things like visuals, imagination, rhythm, repetition, emotions, etc. The conscious mind usually deals with logic, words, numbers, problem solving, etc.

You may not realize it but your subconscious mind is being influenced when you watch TV shows, commercials, listen to music, daydream, read a story or find out information, look at art or a picture, etc.

Whatever your subconscious mind is focused on it will believe, whether it’s real or false. The subconscious mind isn’t choosy, it accepts any information directly or indirectly through our five senses and stores it. It even records background noises, conversations and visuals you’re not even aware of.

So, as a business, your main goal is to bypass your prospect’s conscious mind and persuade their subconscious mind so that eventually, the subconscious “desire” will win.

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