Divine Mercy 2.5D Edge-Lit Acrylic Lamp

Glows in the Dark

Lights up by Internal Reflections

Floating Image

Real Lighted Rays

Apparition-like Appearance

Innovative Craftsmanship

Authentic 2.5D Image

Divine Mercy 1

The world's first 2.5D image of the Divine Mercy with rays that glow

Edge-Lit Acrylic Lamp

This gift item owes its novelty to the fact that it is the world's very first 2.5D image of the Divine Mercy with rays that glow.

Designed as a "Glow in the Dark" edge-lit acrylic lamp, it is an improvement over the commonly available line drawing renderings by incorporating images with depth into the design. This had resulted in a unique apparition-like image with illusions of depth that seems to glow and float over a transparent sheet of acrylic.

The use of cool 3-coloured LED lights shining from the bottom wooden base and diffused by carved straight lines, gives the impression that the lines radiating from the heart of Jesus are actually light rays. This unique effect cannot be found in any 2D paintings or 3D sculptures of the Divine Mercy anywhere, hence the special uniqueness of this 2.5D edge-lit acrylic lamp.

In addition, the wordings, "Jesus, I trust in You" are carved into the design, giving it an air of permanence.

Enjoy and may peace be with you!


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