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Concise, Simplified and Relevant Information for Marine Engineers
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Concise, Simplified and Relevant Information for Marine Engineers!

Not to be Missed! Surefire strategies for passing your License Competency Exams! Your quickest solution to Career Success at Sea!

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No more excuses for not passing your Competency Exams. No more spending months and wasting valuable time and money before you start reaping the rewards of being a Higher Ranking 2nd Class or 1st Class Engineer.

Let us jump-start your very own career with our downloadable high quality Information. With "General Engineering Knowledge Notes", you can start making progress almost immediately while your colleagues are pouring over tons and tons of books and spending incredibly huge amounts of their time studying and hoping for success in the Licensing Exams.

Competent Engineer Reveals All!

Highly relevant information to help you become successful in your Licensing Exams!

The Dreamy Engineer

Are you wasting your time at sea? I am sure you will have thought about this at some point in your own life. What have you done about it? Did you manage to move to a higher rank up to now?

Like many that have decided to improve themselves, you will also face a lot of hurdles:

bullet You find studying books very difficult.
bullet You want notes that help you focus clearly on topics that are more important for your exams.
bullet You are afraid to spend tremendous amount of money going for refresher courses. It means additional spending on tuition fees, accommodation, transportation, food, notes, books, and many other inconveniences.
bullet You want to learn at your own pace. Attending courses puts too much pressure on you.
bullet You want a hassle-free way of learning.
bullet You want easy to read and high quality notes. You want examples of sketches that you can easily draw freehand. You know that it is extremely important in an examinations environment to be able to sketch well.
bullet You want to move up in rank, but you don't want to spend to much effort in studying.

Concise, Simplified and Relevant Information Now Available

We understand both your working and studying environments. Our e-book, "General Engineering Knowledge Notes" is a concise, simplified and relevant guide that helps you to:

bullet Enjoy what you are studying. All the information are arranged for clarity and are very focused.
bullet Spend very little money. In fact, it costs you less than what you pay for your dinner outing.
bullet Concentrate on more important information and spend less time on less important ones.
bullet Practice your own sketches from the examples given. All the sketches are done freehand so that time will not be wasted.
bullet Find all the information for the examinations all in one place, rather than having to dig them up from all over the place and from many sources.
bullet Make use of easy and user-friendly features of e-books like search, find, size, contents, and links to make your study much more easier than from printed books.
bullet Cover all the topics found in the examinations without leaving any out.
bullet Tap the experiences and information provided by highly qualified lecturers.
bullet Pass your License Examinations with ease.

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Get Qualified FAST and ENJOY your PROMOTION!

As a Marine Engineer, most of your precious time is spent on board ship. Refresher courses typically last for 3 months or so. Then there is the waiting time to sit for the examinations. Will that make you forget what you have learnt? Some people do! You need notes to help you remember. Our e-book, "General Engineering Knowledge Notes" will definitely save the day for you just before the examinations.  It's simply not sufficient for you to attend refresher courses only. You need concise, simplified and relevant notes to help you focus!

Our e-book "General Engineering Knowledge Notes" is carefully designed to help you Pass your License Examinations with ease.

Get Ahead of Your Competitors!

Ask around! Successful people are willing to pay up to US$400.00 to sign up for 2-day career courses to improve themselves. Our e-book can be downloaded for FREE!  So, what's the catch?

There's no catch at all! We allow you to browse through our e-book for FREE! You don't owe us anything for browsing. We are so confident that you will find the notes and sketches helpful that we are willing to let you browse through it for FREE. Get ahead of your competitors in the marine job market. DOWNLOAD NOW!

After reading it through, I am sure you will want to have the whole e-book for your reference! After all, what good is it going to do to you if you save a bit of money now, but fail to qualify in your examinations. You may even regret not buying the e-book because your whole career hinges on the outcome of that license examination.

However, when you have your priorities all sorted out and you are ready to purchase the password that will unlock the whole e-book, you pay Only US$39.97!

We do not even impose a time limit for you to make your decision. We want you to pay only if you are completely convinced that our e-book will make a tremendous difference to your career success.

Voyage to SUCCESS

Being successful in your career is a long-term investment. All professionals know this. Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants and Marine Engineers and Seafarers spend considerable amounts of time acquiring knowledge in their own fields so that they can use it to generate income for themselves.

The materials in our e-book, "General Engineering Knowledge Notes" are the result of painstaking research, writing, sketching, editing and arranging by the author and other marine professionals who had contributed their expertise in their own fields.

Do you see yourself spending the next few months or years digging up information you need for your exams? Wouldn't it be better to tap the knowledge of those who have already gone through it before? 

Don't Re-invent the (Steering) Wheel!

Now, you can get all the information you want by downloading our award winning e-book "General Engineering Knowledge Notes" for FREE! Check it out! If you are not satisfied with the information, you don't owe us anything. 

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I think it's time that you put an end to the same old excuses you have been using for the past few years. Life is not getting any easier and you're not getting any younger. Don't you think you owe it to yourself to move on with this simplified opportunity to qualify for a higher rank?

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   Warmest Regards,

  Publisher - Marine Engineer World


Ps: If you want a successful career, Get a qualified fast and Enjoy Your Promotion!

Download Now For Immediate Access to Success!

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