Transmission Complaints

By Jack Cooper

CarFacts Transmission Complaints.

Some common transmission shift complaints that could result in you being ripped off are, transmission hangs in gear and doesn’t shift out or shifts hard when it does shift, transmission on take off flares up and bangs into gear.

Lets start with “hangs in gear and no shift”. This problem may be a problem with the “throttle position sensor” (TPS), the “Speed Sensor” or with some vehicles a cable adjustment or band adjustment on side of transmission. An unreliable shop may try to sell you a transmission overhaul and you only need one of the above for a cost of $100.00 or less.

Engines and transmission will set a “code” if something in the system is not working properly, so make sure engine is scanned for any codes and you see the code or shop has a print out of test that you can see and evaluate.

A common problem with a “flares and slips on take off then bangs into gear”, again the problem may be with the “speed sensor” getting the wrong or no signal, but the most likely problem may be your transmission is low on fluid and it will slip or flare when taking off then will pick up enough fluid and pressure jumps up and will bang into gear.

This can be checked by checking on dipstick to see if transmission is low and if so look under vehicle or have raised on a lift to see where leak is coming from, it will be red or reddish brown in color depending on age and condition of fluid.

On front wheel drive vehicles leaks occur at the transmission pan (bottom of transmission) from side cover gasket (cover on side of trans that covers the valve body), from front pump to torque converter (will leak in area between transmission and engine).

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