Recreational vehicle – a traveling home

By Randi Foerde.

Recreational vehicle, also called RV, has become a temporary home for some, on wheels. RVs was intended for leisure and camping, but some people leave their houses and start to live their lives driving around from here to there, known as full timers.

Full timers are people who live in a Recreational vehicle on a full-time basis. They often stay in an RV park or campground, often moving or traveling to other destinations.

RV parks and campgrounds provides a place to park the vehicle for a shorter or a longer period. These parks also provides possibilities for tenting and cabins to stay overnight.

There are different classes of vehicles generally labeled as RVs: Truck Camper, – Folding Camping Trailer, – Traveler trailer, – Fifth Wheel Travel Trailer, – Park Model, – Motorhome, – Toterhome. What all these vehicles have in common is the possibility to live in them, and travel at the same time.

But the differences are also big. In a minimal RV you will find beds, a table, food preparation and storage areas. Larger models also have bathrooms, refrigerators, living areas, bedrooms, etc. Some RVs are very expensive, with satellite TV and internet access. RVs can cost in excess of $100,000 and some can cost over $1 million, so you can say RVs are for all kind of people.

In USA, full timers are often retired people, people who don’t work anymore, or people who have to move often to get a job. But there are another group of people who loves recreational vehicle, that is families.

Families enjoy the RV lifestyle because it gives them freedom of movement, travel at a relaxed pace, they can spend time together, and they get comfort. Also, travel by a rental RV is economical, as well. They go where they please, when they want to go, and sleep each night in their own bed. A family traveling by RV avoids the stress of crowds, don’t have to get crazy while standing in crowds at airports, or checking in and out of hotels, and packing and unpacking luggage.

How to be able to get a Recreational vehicle? It is much money involved whether you can afford a expensive one, or a cheaper one. For those who aren’t able to buy, or of other reasons don’t want to buy, they can rent a RV for a longer or shorter period of time. That means all of us might have the possibility to try this form for a lifestyle and recreation. Just get started, fulfill your dream! I sure would like to try!

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