Looking through the pages in our blog at www.free-marine.com/engineering, you will soon realize that there are a lot of business opportunities here.

Facilities, mechanical, and electrical engineers and technicians use a lot of tools, machinery, spare parts, lubricant, and other materials. Engineering is a constantly moving and challenging pursuit. Machines are made to run to their maximum capability. Heat, cold, abrasion, corrosion, vibration, weathering, all take their toll on machines.

Practitioners of engineering are faced with difficult situations, breakdowns, and equipment failure. Cost considerations dictate that they find better ways of doing things, better efficiencies, newer materials, better opportunities, etc…

If you are looking for information, the pages of free-marine.com/engineering are full of them. You can also upgrade your skills or find something new by visiting the site often. Indeed, the site is being constantly updated.

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Our Expertise

Below are some background about myself, and the services I am providing:

I was trained as a Marine Engineer for foreign-going ships. During my training days, I had been assigned to shipyards catering to all types of vessels, and sizes up to 450,000 deadweight ton. I have also worked onboard many different types of ships, like oil tankers (crude oil, vegetable oil, and chemicals), bulk carriers, containerships, and general cargo ships for 9 years. I am a licensed First Class Marine Engineer with Certificate of Competency for Motorship.

A few years of working life were spent on Heavy Construction Engineering: as a Commissioning Engineer for the construction of a 300MW gas-oil-coal-fired power station, and as a Field Engineer for the construction of a Chemical Processing Plant for crude palm oil.

I have also worked several years as a Facilities-cum-Maintenance Engineer in major Manufacturing Industries in the electronic and health sectors.

I have also done Contract Maintenance of Buildings for major clients in the Telecommunications Industry, and with Commercial Shopping Complexes and Office Buildings.

With my vast experience in Facilities, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, I have decided to help others with my knowledge and practical experience.

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Our Charter

Our aim is to help the Engineering Community by way of information, and resources. We know that the Engineering Community needs tools and ideas all the time. We want to bridge the gap between the suppliers and the users.

We want the users to be able to find what they need, and the suppliers to be able to supply the users.

We know that Knowledge is Power. Utilities is Mechanical and Electrical Power. And power properly channeled will benefit everybody.

So help us, by way of sponsorship. Advertise with us.



Thomas Yoon

Facilities World


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