Advertising Rates and Information

Tech Marketing Ezine Ads

Ezine Ad Mailings will help you get more customers. Here is why you should advertise with us in our Tech Marketing Ezine:


  • 100% Opt-in list which means each subscriber wants to receive your ad
  • We proof read your ad copy for mistakes
  • There is only one featured ad per issue
  • There are only 5 Sponsor Ads per issue
  • We limit exclusive mailings. Currently once a month.
  • Reach hundreds of readers in Tech Marketing Ezine Ads

Solo Ads, Featured Ads, Sponsored Ads

Solo Ads are ads that are sent out on their own. There are no distractions for the readers. These are not sent out together with Tech Marketing Ezine, but are sent out to the subscribers as information. The ads can go to a maximum of 30 lines.

Featured Ads are ads that are placed at the very beginning of Tech Marketing Ezine. At this strategic location, they are most visible to the readers.

Sponsored Ads are ads that are placed together further down the Tech Marketing Ezine. At this location, your Sponsored Ads will be competing with other Sponsor Ads for attention.



  • Solo Ads             US$30.00
  • Featured Ads       US$10.00
  • Sponsored Ads     US$7.00

Ad Guidelines


  • Maximum of 65 Characters per line.
  • Solo Ads – 30 lines, including url and email address.
  • Featured Ads – 7 lines, including url and email address
  • Sponsored Ads – 5 lines, including url and email address
  • No Adult, Chain letters, Astrology, Gambling, Hate, Racial, Pornographic, or Illegal Ads.


By credit card.

You can see samples of TECH MARKETING EZINE. Should you have any trouble with your ad placement or have questions please send me an email at Your Friendly Host


Free-Marine.Com Website Ads

Free-Marine.Com Website Ads will help you create Brand Awareness. Here is why you should advertise with us in our Website:


  • Content rich source of information which means each visitor is eager to learn.
  • We direct visitors to your own business website where you can convince them to buy your products.
  • We help you create your own banners with your company’s logo.
  • Banners and links are placed at strategic pages
  • We try not to place merchants selling similar goods together in the same page.
  • Reach thousands of prospective customers.

Home Page, Primary Page, Secondary Page

Home Page is the page where all the visitors have to view when they come to Free-Marine.Com Website.

Primary Pages are the pages within the same website at Free-Marine.Com which are linked to the home page. All other pages are also linked to the Primary Pages.

Secondary Pages are pages that are linked to Primary Pages. As they are further down the linkage in Free-Marine.Com Website, they have less visitors. However, because they are content rich, the visitors are targeted to suit your products.



  • Home Page              US$190.00 per year
  • Primary Pages         US$100.00 per year
  • Secondary Pages     US$50.00 per year

Ad Guidelines


  • Banner Links or Text Links
  • Banners maximum size 10 Kbyte
  • Maximum Width and Height 150 pixel
  • Animations OK, but no additional add-in cookies
  • No Adult, Occult, Hate, Racial, Pornographic sites. I reserve the right to reject any site I deem inappropriate.


By Credit Card.