Articles on Road Vehicles

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In this section, we feature a collection of articles that feature road vehicles.

One of the most useful piece of engineering is the automobile or car. Since the invention of the internal combustion engines, motorcars have developed tremendously.

Because it has made such an impact on our modern lives, I feel that articles on road vehicles are very appropriate for a website like mine – where I focus on engineering – mechanical and electrical. Indeed the modern automobile is a marvel of engineering, running on high speeds, especially those fast moving sports car.

Then there are new technology fuels like bio diesel that promises to be environmental friendly and could be an alternative for mineral combustion fuel. There are also some articles on up and coming hybrid vehicles using electricity for propulsion.

I also realize that just focusing on engineering of vehicles would not do justice to the casual driver who may want to know how to get the best prices for their cars. So I have also included things like selling cars, and how to get the best deals, what car salesmen do to get the most out of their sales…

I have not neglected the motorcycles. I am very sure there are many fans who enjoy the freedom of feeling the breeze around them when they ride on their bikes.

Maintenance issues, changing oils, upkeep of car seats and many other topics should be of interest to many people too. I have included these too.

All in all, I hope my selection of articles will keep you interested in these marvelous pieces of engineering.

Happy reading.

Thomas Yoon