Table of Contents

Why do I need to advertise?
What kind of ads can I place?
Do I have to write my own ads?
I do not know how to write ads. Is help available?
I am hesitant to invest my money on ads. Is there any alternative?
I am convinced that ad placement will affect my results. How do I buy ad space?
How do I pay for placing my advertisement?
How do I submit my ad copies?
What kind of ads are acceptable?
Why do I need to have 65 characters per line in your Ezine?
What are the advantages of advertising in your website at Facilities World?
What are the advantages of advertising in your Tech Marketing Ezine?
I am a writer. Can I contribute?
I find that your website and ezine are very informative. How do I recommend my friends?
I have questions that is not covered in this FAQ. How do I contact you?
How do I get sales from my ads?
Do you put up all the ads submitted?
What is the frequency of publication of Tech Marketing Ezine?
How long will my ads be published?
How do I monitor the responses to my advertisement?
What should I aim for in my advertisements?
How many percent response can I expect?
How do I get started in my marketing campaign?
What can I expect from Web Advertising?