Options for Advertising

To be successful in business, you have to spend time on marketing. One of the most important aspects of marketing is Advertising.

For marketing to be successful, you have to do these things:

  • Learn through trial and error
  • Increase responses by testing
  • Generate traffic by advertising
  • Generate more advertising impact by targeting
  • Stay ahead of competition by doing research and development
  • Increase sales from contacts by following up
  • Save time by automating

The two options for advertising in Tech Marketing are:

To help you decide which option to choose, we have prepared some pointers:

Questions to Ask before buying Advertisements

According to experts, you should ask the following questions before buying ANY advertising:

  1. Where will my visitors come from and exactly how do they arrive at my site?
  2. How many visitors can I expect to receive?
  3. Can I get a discount as a first time advertiser?

If you do that, your advertisements will be very focused and effective.

Do Tech Marketing have the answers? You bet!

  1. At Tech Marketing, we make sure that visitors find you when they are actively looking for something in particular. Visitors are not FORCED into your site, as some ad networks brag about doing.Our visitors are TARGETED. They come to Facilities World Website for information to enhance their skills and knowledge. They read our Tech Marketing Ezines for help with promoting their small business online. They CLICK the URLs or Banners that interest them. When they click the URLs or Banners you supplied, they go directly to your site.
  2. What is realistic? Let’s say you are buying advertising in a targeted email newsletter like Tech Marketing Ezine. Look at the total subscriber count. When your ad runs, you can expect between 0.5 percent and 1 percent of the total subscriber base to click your ad and visit your site. Those visitors result in serious profits because they are targeted and they visit your site by their own free will.
    Banner Ads in Facilities World Website may achieve click rates of between 1 to 5 percent, depending on many factors like your product appeal, and the quality of your banner ads. But then it is an entirely different ball game. By having your company’s logo or write up associated with knowledge based articles in Facilities World Website, your company’s image is lifted up to a high new level. This is called Branding. <br>It will not result in immediate sales, but it will make people turn to you at a future date. At Tech Marketing, we are aggressively promoting our Website and Ezines. The subscriber base is rising rapidly. Don’t be left out! If you don’t come on board, your competitors will!
  3. Ask, and you will receive. We, at Tech Marketing are committed to providing solutions to you. We understand that sometimes you need to try it out before you buy. That simple act of asking for a discount, will get you a lower rate. But please note – discounts are only for the first time advertisers. We still need to maintain our business profitably.

To be successful online, you need to advertise.

Spend your ad money wisely!