Data for the Professional Engineer

In this section, we feature a collection of data that would be useful to the professional facilities, mechanical, electrical, building engineer in their designing, verification and calculation work.

I have collected items like steam properties, mass flow rate, viscosity comparison, full load current for electrical motors, conversion factors for the so many types of engineering measurement units around, metric notations, flow resistances, pressure drops for water piping, chemical resistance of materials and many others…

One of the recurring concerns that a practicing professional engineer often encounter is how to convert from one kind of measurement unit to another. There are indeed many kinds of engineering units found in different parts of the world today.

The British have their own units of measurement. The Americans have their own, and so do the French, Germans. Then, there is the SI units. I am very sure there are other units of measurement that define the quantity and amount but when they are put together, they measure the same thing.

There are also some very old units of measurement that may not be easily found.

There are many reference books where anyone can look these up. However, it is difficult to get the references together all at one place.

Sometimes, looking for these information can be quite a hassle.

Then comes the internet. It has quickly become a big library for me. I think many other engineers have also come to rely on it to gather information.

So, I have compiled some useful engineering data that everyone can use freely. Do try out the searches. It’s an excellent way to look for items. I have tried to make it as user friendly as possible.

If there is any data that you would like to suggest, please let me know. If you find the data useful do let me know too.

Happy searching and calculating.

Thomas Yoon