Benefits of Advertisement

The Reflections of a Business Owner

You own a company selling general hardware. Further down the road, your competitor sells pumps. Another sells paints and tools, while another sells steel pipes. Almost all of them stock similar goods for sale.

As a business owner, you feel the pinch of the economy slow down. You find that almost everybody is going out to make sales calls on prospective customers. No longer can you remain in your shop and expect big customers to come to you. Your competitors have made a few inroads into the industrial sectors, and you are worried about your market share. You desperately want to improve your market share but you want to do it smartly.

What do you do? You question your own marketing efforts. Do as many people as you would like know your business? You want to spread the word around. You want more people to know about your products. You want people to make enquiries. You know that you can take over from there once they make enquiries. You are convinced that advertisements will bring in more enquiries.

But you cannot advertise in the newspapers. You have a small budget and the seemingly huge readership of newspapers may not serve your purpose. Only a few readers may be interested in your product. You cannot pay advertising rates based on general readership.


The Solution

A better alternative will be to advertise to a targeted audience – people who have an interest in the products you sell. If your offer is reasonable and the quality is good, your company will soon stand out from the crowd. People become aware of your company through advertisements. You have created brand awareness. This always leads to enquiries and sales.

Facworld Marketing helps you to create brand awareness. We offer you the opportunity to advertise on a budget to a targeted audience. We have two advertisement options available:

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All the subscribers and visitors have interests in Facilities, Mechanical, Electrical, and Building Engineering. Many of them are engineers, technicians, technical managers, purchasers, skilled tradesmen, consultants, trainers, designers, etc. They influence buying decisions.

And remember! If you don’t advertise, your competitors will!

Remember! Visitors come because they want information. We provide that information.