Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing huge! The Madison Logic company posted global data in April 2014 that claimed that 122 billion emails are sent every hour.

If you are a serious about making money on the Internet, you simply cannot ignore that fact. It should be one of your advertising strategies.

Why is it so attractive?

Email does not cost anything. You can reach thousands of targeted individuals in a matter of seconds without incurring expenses in postage, printing, envelope, paper, etc…

There are generally two ways to send mass email on the Internet.

1) Bulk Email (Spam) – Sending your message out to people without their permission. This is unethical. You could lose your server, email address and destroy your reputation. We are definitely against spamming.

2) Permission Marketing – Sending your message to people who has given you permission to send your advertisement to them. Ezines are the obvious example of permission marketing. Ads in these ezines are effective because the readers have asked to receive the ezines.

To be effective in your advertising campaign, you should always select an ezine that is geared toward the interests of your prospective customers. Once you have figured that out, you just need to create a “million dollar email” and watch the sales flood in.

To help you create a “million dollar email”; we have listed down some basic pointers:

  • Capture attention with an enticing headline to make sure that your email gets read.
  • Write your sales letter with passion. Customers buy on emotion before they do on logic.
  • Keep your sentences and words short. Your target readers could come from a variety of backgrounds.

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