Writing effective ads

Below are some tried and tested tips for writing good ad copies:

  • Grab attention and the curiosity of the reader with the headline.
  • Promote one product at a time to one targeted market
  • Make your offer very clear from the very beginning. Be specific. You want to stir up their emotions.
  • Don’t explain everything in the ad. You want them to contact you or visit your website.
  • Start each sentence with an action word. Get this.., Save now…, Click to…
  • Use active words instead of passive words.
  • Make your sentences short. Incomplete two-worded sentences are fine. It becomes vibrant and exciting.
  • Include a quote from a past customer. It gives credibility.
  • Make sure your specific statements are accurate and believable. Your credibility can be challenged.
  • Avoid humorous remarks. Use real life events instead.
  • Use a “P.S.” to emphasize your offer, deadline or benefit.
  • Test and modify your wordings. Monitor your results and learn from it.

Check your ads thoroughly

Before submitting, check that your ad:

  • Has no spelling mistakes
  • Contains your url or email contact
  • Has been written and re-written to your satisfaction
  • Urges the reader to take action
  • Highlights the benefits

Word Power

Some words that can improve ads:

  • free
  • love
  • amazing
  • safe
  • new
  • benefit
  • gain
  • money
  • happy
  • glad
  • proud
  • proven
  • guarantee
  • fast
  • results
  • discover
  • how you
  • how to
  • now
  • fun
  • value
  • secure
  • easy
  • you
  • your
  • yours
  • you’ll
  • healthy
  • natural
  • magic
  • secret
  • comfortable
  • solution

Some words to avoid:

  • buy
  • contract
  • bad
  • death
  • loss
  • hard
  • worry
  • taxes
  • wrong
  • difficult
  • sell
  • deal
  • fail
  • liability
  • cost
  • obligation
  • decision



Below are some headlines styles that are effective:

  • Direct headline. Get right to the message of your offer. “Save $100 if you order this week.”
  • Question headline. Get your readers mentally and emotionally involved in your offer.
  • Command headline. Tell your customers exactly what to do.
  • Testimonial headline. Customers tend to trust the words of other customers.

Do not expect your classified ad to generate sales directly. It will not. The purpose of your advertising should be to generate inquiries from readers to your store or website. Your sales will proceed from there.