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Tech Marketing Ezine is a bi-weekly e-mail newsletter serving the Facilities, Mechanical, Electrical, and Building Services Engineering Community. We provide valuable technical and business information related to engineering.

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Yes, it's free. Our free newsletter will help you to:

  • Change the way you tackle engineering concerns
  • Develop an in-depth knowledge of engineering
  • Learn useful tips to handle technical issues
  • Discover secrets from the experts in Industry
  • Acquire engineering skills
  • Create your own career success in engineering
  • Inspire confidence in the people you meet
  • Attract more customers
  • Turn your products into brands
  • Find the most attractive use for your products
  • Convert your engineering knowledge into profits
  • Promote your products to engineering folks

If any of the above fit your desire, then you have come to the right place. You know the value of industry in modern society.

Although we can see the marvels of modern telecommunications and computers, the fact still remains - heavy engineering is still going strong all around us. In fact, heavy engineering is the backbone of development, and will still continue as long as there are buildings and facilities. After all, computers and electronics, powerful in themselves, still need to control machines powered by electricity, steam, hydraulics, and air in industry.

Tech Marketing Ezine focuses on Facilities, Mechanical, Electrical, and Building Engineering. If you are dealing in engineering products and services, we are well placed to represent you.

The Benefits You'll Gain

It doesn't matter whether you are a seller, a buyer or a learner. We are here to help you. The information we provide will be valuable for your career. Receive your Bi-weekly Newsletter for FREE. 

Many people sign up for our TECH MARKETING EZINE just to improve their own careers. Try it now!

Our Mission

Our mission is to help the Engineering Community by way of information, and resources. We know that the Engineering Community needs tools and ideas all the time. We want to bridge the gap between the suppliers and the users.

We want the users to be able to find what they need, and the suppliers to be able to supply the users.

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You too can write ad copies and submit to Tech Marketing Ezine. The ads have to comply to certain guidelines before they can be accepted.

Paying Ads: These ads can be submitted by anyone who wants to advertise, regardless of whether they are subscribers or not. The ads are located at the top of every Tech Marketing Ezine. These ads are called Featured Ads and Sponsored Ads. They are very effective and noticeable by the readers.

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We wish you every success in promoting your products or services with Tech Marketing Ezine!


Publisher - Tech Marketing Ezine  

Sample Articles

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The Ezines with the following Subject Titles can be read at

What's Burning?
Explosive Air
Air Cond Compressor
Expansion Valve
Air Cooled Split Unit
Air Handling Unit
Belt Press
Boiler Inspection
Boiler Manhole
Boiler Safety Interlocks
Soot Blower
Boiler Water Chemicals
Cooling Tower
Centrifugal Chiller
Cooling Tower Chemicals
Mechanical Air Filter
Control Systems
Control Actuator
Control Transducer
Diesel Engine
Engine Timing
4-Stroke Engine
2-Stroke Engine
Pump Troubleshooting
Why 2-Stroke Engine?
Naval Architecture
Mechanical Seal
Gland Packing
Lubricating Oil
When Change Lube Oil?

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