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Shore Leave

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jobs, hobbies, freelance, promotions, art, artists, painting, library, gallery, writing, souvenirs, coins, currency, boat, kayak, sailing, god, bible, business, marketing, services, promotion, opportunity, marketing, engineering, products, services, training, store, success, fortune, prosperity

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Shore Leave

The Marine Engineer "signs on" a ship for a tour of duty of between 6 months to 9 months, at a stretch. When he "signs off", he will have accumulated many days of shore leave. Many look on it as an opportunity to undergo training to improve themselves for success, fortune and prosperity.

Some marine engineers look for small jobs ashore, some work on freelance business, some pursue their hobbies, and some even set up small marketing businesses. A few of them have aims of promotions. They sit for the exams for a higher class Certificate of Competency. Download free e-books:

General Engineering Knowledge Notes
Motor Engineering Knowledge Notes
Electro technology Questions & Answers
Naval Architecture Questions & Answers

A few even leave the sea altogether. See e-book, Sign Off.

While every individual is unique, the above is generally true. 

In this page, I am attempting to present the workings of the Marine Engineer's mind when he goes on home leave. With the tough job at sea left behind, he suddenly finds himself with plenty of time to do his own thing. What does he do? 

It is impossible to describe the preferences of all the Marine Engineers, so this page is about my own experiences. Other seamen will have their own liking and skills. 

I would also like to know the views of other seamen, and this is an open invitation for you to send in your views on this subject or any other subject related to Marine. If you would like to share your experiences while on shore leave, or at any time on board ship, I would be delighted to receive your postings.

It is open to anybody, seaman or landlubber. 

Art - Painting  

Those inclined towards art will have created objects of art while sailing on board ship. Paintings or drawings will usually not be framed, as it is easier to stuff into the luggage bags when signing off. 

While on shore leave, there is much to do. The paintings need to be framed up for display. Or he might even take up framing himself, if he is so inclined. Now is also a good time to improve on his artistic skill, by visiting the library, looking up art galleries, joining art classes, and finding out what other artists are doing. 

In the aspect of promoting his art, the Internet is an excellent medium, as it provides a virtual gallery for exhibition to anyone who is interested, 24 hours a day, and in any corner of the world.

Art - Model Making  

Model making is a time consuming hobby, very much suited to the seaman at sea. What better way to pass the time than making a model of the ship he is traveling in? All the dimensions are available from the ships blue prints. All the paint and varnishes are the same as those used on the actual ship. 

Wood is a good material to use as the hull and superstructure of the ship. Thin pieces of shell plating can be made from cardboard. A bit of gluing here and there, and a lot of patience is all that is necessary. 

As you can see, the ship is an exact replica of the actual one. Who needs to buy model kits? You can make them yourselves. 

Photography, Writing  

When I first started sailing, I used to buy souvenirs from the Souvenir Shops of the countries I visited. Then I realized that some of the souvenirs were made from elsewhere. Souvenirs found in Europe are sometimes made in Japan, or Hong Kong. It does not make much sense for me then to continue in this way. 

Then, I started to use my camera, capture images, and treated them as my souvenirs. It works pretty well. Whenever I look back through my photograph collections, I can still remember something of the past. I now have about 3000 photographs of my traveling days. 

Since I can do some freelance writing, the shore leave period is a good time to study publications like newspapers, magazines, and write for them. It feels good to see your article and photographs being published, and at the same time getting paid for them. Read some of my e-books for FREE:


Since the Marine Engineer travels to so many countries, those who collect coins or currency notes will have ample opportunity to accumulate a sizable collection. This is for those who have the persistence to resist the urge to spend all the money they draw. 

Whenever a ship arrives in port, there will be a local Ship's Agent who will bring the money requested in the currency of that country. Any money not spent will of course go to the collection. 

boating marineKayak, Boat  

The seaman at heart will naturally want to play around in the water with boating marine during his shore leave. Some seamen take up fishing, boating. Some even take up boat making as a hobby. This is strictly a shore activity, but I have heard of some seamen who made boats while sailing on board ship. 

I have made a kayak myself, and I can tell you that it is very satisfying to experience the ease with which a well designed kayak glide through the waters. With a self-made boat, comes the satisfaction of adding features to suit your own liking. You can add your own sails, rudders, leeboard, outrigger, ama (or float), and so many other things. 

Anyone out there looking for a small boat? An inflatable one is ideal. It is very easy to carry around and set up. Although not as fast as the kayak, it has more stability and suitable for the fisherman. Check out inflatable kayaks.

Other Sources of Income - Classified Advertising  

Part time jobs or investments can generate multiple sources of Income for anyone who looks for them. For a seaman on shore leave it is no different. Freelance writing, photography, art, collections, stocks, and so on are some common avenues for generating additional income from the savings obtained at sea. After all, if you do not wish to spend a lot of money while sailing on board ship, there can be quite substantial savings. Some countries do not have a personal income tax for seamen. 

One very good way of making money is through selling your junk. Nowadays, with the Internet spreading so quickly, the world has become so much closer. The Internet is here to stay, but there are surprisingly so many people who still are not part of it yet. There is a huge market waiting to be tapped. 

Just like on board ship, the officer gains respect from the men not by theoretical knowledge, but by applying his skill, so also with any part time jobs. He has to get involved in order to learn first hand what the job requires. 

If there are anyone out there who wishes to do classified advertisement through permission marketing on the Internet, I can help him, if he visits Making Money on the Internet 

Spiritual Renewal  

The seaman have encountered storms, hurricanes, typhoons, and giant waves while at sea. The forces of nature are incredible. Thick steel plates can bend against huge waves. 

He gets to see the world in a wider perspective. Changing weather conditions, different seasons, different people. It makes him wonder. Who is he? Just a drop of water in the vast expanse of the ocean. 

His very life depends on a Greater Being called God. His ship is so tiny when compared to the ocean. 

Those who turn to God will find tremendous peace of mind. The shore leave is also a good time to repent and turn back to God.

How to turn back to God? By studying and living His Word - the Bible. Becoming Disciples through Bible Study

Other qualifications  

The Marine Engineer on shore leave can prepare himself for shore jobs, by studying and getting other qualifications. He might do some self study in computer programming, or enroll with some local colleges. 

A lot of books are available on the cheap. Textbooksother books are recommended. He can also do research with the largest online library in the world.

Mastering the computer is essential. The experience at sea certainly becomes very helpful when he lands a job on shore. He will be very competent in Operation and Maintenance of heavy machinery like Boilers, Air-conditioning Plants, and other Building Maintenance Services.

He will have built up his knowledge sufficiently to become a Maintenance Consultant. Of course he will need modern equipment like mobile phones that can do wonders to his reputation. And he has to dress well for the job interviews.

While you are at it, how would you like to attract the opposite gender using pheromone fragrances? Very useful for business and pleasure.

2004 Yoon Chee Tuck    Contact me

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