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Useful Products for the marine engineer

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  career, social, health, money, success, hobby, life, selfhelp, tools, information, resume, job, relaxation, gadgets, languages 



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Useful Products for the Marine Engineer

Dear Seafarer / Visitor,

As seafarers or people who love the sea, you are someone special. Embarking on long journeys over the seven seas can be a very enriching experience for many of you.

But let's be practical. It's not a bed of roses too. It can mean giving up the comforts of home and the family, and missing out on job and career opportunities and other sources of income. 

On the other hand, it might offer opportunities for meeting up with a someone special in a distant land, perhaps an encounter that could blossom into intimacy with strong emotions......It's so exciting for those who prepare for it!

You might want to keep the memories alive. Exotic souvenirs remind us of our adventures in a distant land. But sometimes, you simply don't have sufficient time for shopping. Missed opportunities!

You will certainly encounter extremely cold weather conditions in the winter. You might want to buy some warm clothing. What about tools? Remember how you wished you had brought tools along with you the last time you joined ship? You want to be prepared, don't you?

Maybe, you are thinking about your children or grandchildren. What could you give them for their birthdays? Or your spouse at home. Is there anything you want to buy for her, that you are unable to do so while you are working? How about your other relatives? Don't you want to give something to them too? Choose a Navy Product.

Now, we have made it easy for you. We have carefully selected goods or services that you need. Do feel free to browse through our store and make your selection. Enjoy your life at sea.

Happy Shopping!

Thomas Yoon


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