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shipping, marine, seagoing, ocean, competency, license, engineerIn this site, you will find articles related to the life of a merchant marine engineer, the training he receives, the job he is called to do, how he spend his leisure time, what he encounters on the ocean, and many more. You will also find a section on skills where you can pick up some skills yourself.

container ship, sailing, maritime, ships, cargo shipsShipping has its own tradition and practices. Names like bosun, AB, OS, Greaser, Oiler, Lecky, Spark, Mate, GP, are some of the titles given to certain personnel on board a ship. Parts of a ship like bow, stern, starboard, port, bridge, telegraph, aft peak tank, double bottom, shaft tunnel, stern tube, and many others are common on board a ship, but hardly heard of on the land.

officer, competency, solas, marpol, imo, ships, work, cadet, navigation, engineMarine Engineering became a profession at the dawn of the engine driven ship. The basic concepts of propulsion has remained pretty much the same, but there were many improvement since then. Many of the marine disaster like the sinking of the SS Titanic, major oil spillage’s, collisions, and many others, set the stage for International Regulations and Conventions on Safety of Life at Sea, SOLAS, Marine Pollution, MARPOL, and many others.

Equipment for marine use is also special. Steering gear, bow thruster, propeller, mooring winches, lifeboat davit, anchor, rudder, boilers, fresh water generator are some examples.

bulk carrier, oil tanker, gas carrier, passenger, car carrier, offshore support vessel, roroIf you would like to find out more about marine companies, shipping lines, engineering schools, colleges offering engineering degree, engineering courses in marine engineering, marine training, power engineering, shipyards, and other information related to shipping, you will also find many useful links on this site.

master, chief engineer, sea training, cadet, qualification, sea going, seafarer, seamen, lifesaving, firefighting, ship construction, superintendentThe Marine Engineer is a seaman at heart. On the ocean, the waves are ever changing. The season changes. The destination changes. The time zones change. Even the crew changes.

Each voyage is an opportunity for exploration of the world at large.

marine engineer, shipping, ship, ocean, seagoing, seaman, sailingThis site will be of interest to all who love the sea and who want to travel on an adventure of discovery on the shipping routes of the world.

Let’s start our voyage of discovery!

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