sea sick mabuk cartoon cadet engineerCreating cartoons is done in the leisure hours. The subject of this section covers other aspects of life at sea and at shore. Sometimes it cannot fit into any of the categories we have placed below, but nevertheless incidents like these are very much a part of life at sea. Some of it is pure humor with no relation to real life. Take it with a bit of salt (from the sea spray). It can be fun.

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 shark, hammerhead, fishing, cadet engineer, shipping“It must have swallowed a hammer!”

The ship was anchored in International waters because of engine trouble.

All the other departments had nothing to do. The weather was calm and fair, so they went fishing.

Fishing was easy. No need to travel. No need to bring any special gear. Or wear any special clothing. Just drop a hook and line, baited with sea food.

That day they caught a Hammerhead Shark!

 swimming, swim, shark, training, cadet engineer“He’s training for the Olympics!”

All seamen should know how to swim.

When the ship is at anchorage, seamen have to travel from ship to shore, or vice versa using a motor launch.

In the open sea the danger is not in drowning, but in hypothermia or exposure to the cold.

Swimmers should get dry as soon as possible.

 surgery, doctor, medical treatment, ship, marine, officer, medical guide“Hmm…Let’s see…”

There is no doctor in a cargo ship.

Normally, the 2nd Officer has the job of a medical officer.

He will administer medicines and attend to minor ailments.

He will keep stocks of medicine in his locker and arrange for visits to doctors when the ship arrives in port.

 portrait, art, watercolor, painting, leisure, ship, marine“A little to your right…”People who are artistically inclined find a lot of time to pursue their hobby.

A Shipping job is a multi-skilled job. You have to make do with whatever you have available. 

Many make use of their spare time to study. It will come in useful when they are ready to quit the sea.

Mabuk wants to study for his Competency Certificates so that he can get promoted.

He can download free e-books below:

General Engineering Knowledge, Motor Engineering Knowledge , Naval Architecture Q & A, Electro-Technology, Orals


toothache, tooth extraction

rolling and pitching can be put to good use

“The next roll should do it!”

When the ship rolls, all the doors must be closed properly. Swinging doors are especially dangerous to the fingers.

During rough weather, all the movable objects have to be tied up properly.

Even chairs will fall down. 

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